How to train a puppy

Educating or training a dog can be different depending on the breed. However, it takes more or less to learn, all dogs should follow the same line in their education that allows them to relate properly and maintain a safety in their day to day. Next, we’ll explain the general keys to dressage, focused on mutt puppies. Remember that all puppies are able to learn equally (with differences in repetition) and that even some pedigree dogs are not able to learn as easily as some who do not. In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to train a mutt dog step by step.

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Puppy education

To begin with, during the early stages of life the puppy must undergo a process of socializationright after the administration of all its vaccines. At this stage you should allow your puppy to interact with other friendly dogs to understand how to relate to them, play games, etc. It is very important to prevent future behavior problems.

Likewise, we must allow our puppy to play with other people and enjoy walks in which to discover the environment. To carry out this whole process should be progressive, but it is very beneficial to avoid fears.

This will also be the time to teach you other things like urinating on the street , playing with teethers or staying home alone, among many other things. It is essential that the whole family participate or at least understand the limits of the dog : whether or not the dog can climb on the sofa, etc. We must be constant in this aspect so as not to confuse the dog. Offering a lot of affection and patience at this moment is fundamental, remember that a puppy will be slow to learn.

Dog Dressage

Even as an adult, a dog should learn the basic training orders :

  • Sit down
  • Stay quiet
  • Come when you call him
  • Walk with you

It is very important to take the time to teach you all this. To begin with will be fundamental to prevent accidents, that is, for your safety. But it will also be important to strengthen your relationship and avoid unwanted behaviors such as the protection of resources.

Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes a day to dog training, no more so as not to overload you with information and always use positive reinforcement to show you that you are doing well. Dressage should be a fun activity for both. Do not worry if you do not quickly assimilate what you are proposing, you should continue to do repetitions together.

Suitable rides

To promote the welfare of the mutt dog you should walk with him at least 2 or 3 times a day, allowing him to smell, urinate and exercise as much as he needs to . Many people do not understand that the ride is “the dog’s moment” and try to avoid pulling the guide with strong tugs. This is not a desired attitude, take into account the common mistakes of the ride and try to avoid them, you will see how the attitude of the dog improves little by little.

It is also essential to communicate with him in an appropriate way , so you should check out these training tricks so that you and your dog have better communication.

Advanced Education

By the time you have an excellent relationship with your mutt dog and some well-assimilated basic orders, you can start to get started in advanced education to make your puppy feel useful and mentally stimulated.

It is very beneficial to him and you will enjoy knowing new activities. You can think of starting agility , for example.

Games and Fun

Although he does not believe it, the games and the fun of the dog help him to be happy and feel good. Playing with the ball, practicing exercise or teaching him intelligence games are perfect and very advisable tools. Do not allow your dog to spend the day sleeping without doing anything.

Contact a professional

Many dogs may suffer from behavioral problems if they are traumatized, have not been well socialized or have suffered from severe stress. For this, it will be essential to have a professional. Because? Many people diagnose problems on their own by their own aggressiveness with other dogs. This is a mistake. What many people do not know is that sometimes we can be confusing the warning signals that a dog sends us and applying an incorrect treatment can make this situation much worse. You must inform yourself, but never act if you do not have the proper preparation. The main professionals who can help in these cases are ethologists and canine educators. Remember that your dog’s health and happiness are at stake, so do not waste money on it.

As you can see, a mutt dog does not differentiate at all from a dog with a breed. The processes of education are completely the same. Strive to offer much affection and positive education and receive in return a faithful companion for life .

In YourCatCareguide we want to congratulate you for not focusing on the breed and adopting a dog of uncertain origins. We wish you good luck in training!

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