How to Train a Boxer Dog

Anyone who has ever had a Boxer puppy knows his great character and his enthusiasm when it comes to acting, so educating a Boxer puppy and even educating an adult dog we adopt is a fundamental task if we want to have a faithful friend for the whole life.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we offer you some very useful tricks and advice so that the process of learning your Boxer puppy is the best, the most positive and that results in a healthy and happy dog ​​mentally.

Continue reading to learn how to train a Boxer dog , one of the most affectionate, dedicated and faithful you will find.

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Boxer Features

The Boxer is one of the best races that exist, although it is good to mention that each one has a personality of his own that makes him more sociable, sympathetic or playful, so it will depend on each case.

They are, in general, very sociable, active and intelligent dogs, no doubt that it is the most complete dogs as to the character and behavior that exist. He is very skillful and curious with his owners, as well as enjoying following him around the house to find out what he is doing.

Quite affectionate, although a bit crude, it is allowed to play by children and adults (even by strangers). It is a very nice dog that likes to play and show up excited in many moments.

Very loyal to your family members, you will not hesitate to respond with barking if you notice that you are being threatened, plus it is a great guard dog that will warn you in advance before anyone rings your bell.

Although he is sympathetic and sociable with other dogs, the Boxer never backs out in a fight, so it is important to socialize him since he was a puppy. It is not considered a potentially dangerous dog in most countries.

Boxer’s socialization

If you want to know how to train a Boxer dog, you should know that you should start as soon as possible, Boxer is a dog that needs to be socialized since puppy , besides being a very energetic and active dog.

The socialization is a gradual process that is to introduce the little cub activities and living things that meet in the future. For this, it is fundamental to go out and walk around and interact with quiet dogs, kind people and good children. Anything you can give your little Boxer puppy will be great for when you are an adult. Try to avoid situations in which you might go wrong or be afraid.

This process should include bicycles, cars and even food of all kinds. The Boxer is a curious dog that will follow you wherever you go to discover the world next to you.

It is important to define with the whole family the rules that the new pet must comply with and try to respect them to the maximum. Thus, it is important not to punish our Boxer in any way, but instead use positive reinforcement, rewarding the attitudes we like.

Correct bad behavior

All dogs will behave badly, breaking a jar, biting a shoe or even climbing to our favorite sofa. It is normal for some behaviors to be boring, but it is important to be clear about some things :

  • The dog does not realize why you’re scolding when it’s been a while after you’ve done something wrong.
  • If so, you should not scold or beat the dog, this will only cause discomfort and severe stress in the animal.
  • Using inappropriate methods will generate a negative and aggressive attitude towards your pet.
  • If your dog has behaved in a way that is not the correct one, it is preferable to say “No” and change your site or activity radically. You must not punish him.

If the Boxer tries to attack or be aggressive with another animal, it is best to leave this place as soon as possible, do not be angry, remember that being subjected to aggression increases the stress levels of the dog and you will not want may the anger address you.

If your dog urinates at home take it to the other side and clean the ground, before you get bored think about whether you are strolling with your Boxer dog long enough. Remember that it is a dog with a lot of energy that you should walk for at least 30 minutes each time you go out with him. Discover 7 exercises that you can practice with an adult dog in our article.

Finally, faced with a situation in which he finds that his beloved Boxer has bitten the whole couch, do not get annoyed, take a deep breath, leave him alone for a long period of time is quite detrimental to him, as it is a dog with much need of affection. For this, we recommend that you leave several toys (with and without sound) within your reach and even think about adopting another dog to keep you company.

The positive reinforcement is undoubtedly the best technique to correct behaviors we do not like. This consists in pressing the attitudes and actions that we consider appropriate with goodies, caresses and words of affection.

Although many people believe that positive reinforcement only applies with food, the truth is that a dog next to its owner will appreciate a more kind gesture and a kiss than a piece of ham.

Boxer Puppy Learning

How to train a Boxer dog and how to teach him certain orders will be a whole process for you and him as he will discover the best ways to communicate. Accept physical signs as well as words, learn to communicate with them.

The first thing your Boxer puppy should learn will be to make the necessities away from home , this is a process that needs dedication, but it is indispensable to learn it as soon as possible. But remember that before you go out on the street you should have your first vaccines up to date.

Once your puppy learns to do his / her needs in the right place, we can begin to teach him the basic training orders : sit, lie still, lie down, come here and walk next to you.

We should not think that learning these commands is a simple whim, on the contrary, teaching your Boxer puppy the basic commands will allow him to go to the field and that he respond, and are also a good way to make the dog feel useful, since in performing certain actions it receives a premium.

Everything you can teach your dog is a challenge for him and a necessary stimulation for his intelligence. In general, it is necessary to average between 10 and 20 repetitions so that the Boxers can carry out an order. Practice every day for 5-10 minutes, too much time can stress them.

Advanced orders

Boxer can learn all sorts of tricks as early as adulthood, and food is a great way to reward your pet. Be sure to practice and stimulate your dog constantly so that it is carried out, among the advanced tricks we find more complex or other orders like kicking, thrashing, starting in Agility or others.

Spending time with your pet to improve ordering and obedience strengthens your relationship and makes your dog an obedient and happy pet, the best way to find out how to educate a Boxer dog is with affection and constancy.

Remember that you must always comply with the basic requirements of dog care so that the learning process is positive. A sad dog or stress will not respond correctly.

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