How to know if a cat is deaf?

If your cat never reacts to loud noises, it does not come when you open a can in the kitchen or never come to greet you when you get home, you may have trouble hearing.

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Cats are intelligent animals that know how to adapt to different situations , so if they do not listen well, they try to compensate with the rest of the senses. This along with its known independent character makes it more difficult to detect if a cat is deaf or if it is simply ignoring you.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article on how to know if one is deaf if it seems to your little friend that they have hearing problems. However, in the event of any evidence of deafness, you should take it to the veterinarian for examination.

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Causes of deafness in cats

There are several reasons why a cat may be deaf although the most common thing is that it happens with age in cats older than 10 years. Hearing loss, if not from birth, can be temporary or permanent.

Temporal deafness can be caused by an infection due to bacteria, fungi or parasites. It may also be that you have a plug of wax or that some foreign body has entered the ear. If the problem is treated in time, there should be no complications and your cat will regain his hearing when he is cured.

Permanent deafness occurs when there are problems in the middle and inner ear of the cat, such as an infection , and are not treated on time or because they have suffered serious injury. In addition, neurological problems or cysts in the ear can decrease or completely eliminate hearing.

On the other hand, there are cats that are born deaf due to the so-called deafness gene , the w-allele. This gene predominates in white cats with light eyes, although this does not mean that all cats of this color are deaf.

Symptoms of deafness in cats

Sometimes it is difficult to find out if a cat is deaf since they are very independent animals and sometimes do not respond when calling them simply because they do not feel like it. In addition they adapt very well to the environment, so they compensate for their lack of hearing with other senses.

The most common is that a deaf cat never reacts to auditory stimuli and only does it when it touches him.

A symptom of deafness in cats is the volume of meows, as they do not listen they do not know how to control it and they tend to grow very loud . In addition, sometimes they stumble a bit while walking , because having the affected ear may have balance problems. This problem may be accompanied by vomiting.

Tricks to know if a cat is deaf

If you want to know if a cat is deaf, here are some simple methods you can use to find out if you have little hearing or if you are simply a little more independent.

  • If he comes home and does not show up . Although they are independent animals, usually when their owner comes home they usually come to receive it. If it never appears, it may be because you do not hear it coming.
  • Clap your hands when you’re sleeping . When you sleep, move closer and start clapping. The normal thing would be for you to wake up startled when you hear loud noises, but if you remain motionless because you have a hearing problem.
  • Try the vacuum cleaner . Usually cats usually get very frightened by this appliance, however, those who are deaf and do not hear their loud noise like to play with it.
  • If you open a can of food and it does not appear . Usually, cats usually come to the owner whenever they open a can. Try to do it in a place where you do not see it, and if it does not come, you can never hear anything.
  • Make sure you only hear from one ear . It is a bit more complicated to find out if your cat is deaf from an ear only, but if you watch the movements of your head when you try to listen to something, you might find out. If you only listen on one side, your little friend will move his head so that it is the good ear that receives the sounds, thus discovering where they come from.
  • Make noise when you are distracted . Even the most relaxed cats react when they hear some noise to know what is happening.
  • Step hard around you . All cats should react to some of the above points but if they only do so when walking hard around them, they may only react by the vibrations they feel on the floor and not by the sound. In this case it is possible that your cat is deaf.

Remember that when in doubt about your cat’s hearing you should call your veterinarian. Then they can diagnose deafness, if any, and they will tell you the causes and the possible treatment.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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