How to Teach a Puppy to Wear a Leash and Guide

If you have a dog since you were a puppy and you have never worn a leash and guide, it is completely understandable that you do not understand why you should use it, and that you do not accept it. It can also happen in the case of adopting a dog that has been through a difficult situation.

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Regardless of why the dog does not want to wear the collar, the truth is that it must begin to accept it and to understand that it is something habitual in its routine. To do this, in the YourCatCareguide we offer you some advice and tips that will allow you to start a new habit for your pet. Keep reading and find out how to teach the dog how to wear a leash and guide .

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What is the best dog collar?

The leash and guide are very useful accessories and essential for a correct coexistence in an urban environment, so it is essential that your dog accepts them.

Before you begin the process of reconciliation with the leash, it is essential that you get one with which you feel minimally comfortable. For this, it is best to get a harness (better than collars) that suits your body and which is impossible to escape, and should be comfortable for him. Make sure you buy the proper leash, avoid the pull-up leashes and opt for some adjustable leather, for example.

My dog ​​does not accept the collar

To get started it is crucial to know that your puppy needs someone of confidence to be able to solve this problem. Although it is unpleasant and bites the leash, it must have a lot of patience and affection . You will not achieve anything with pulling, much less with excessive scolding or scolding. There are many reasons for the dog not to accept the collar, which makes it impossible to explain all of them. What YourCatCareguide can do is offer you general advice to improve your stress levels in this situation and thus achieve a quiet and normal.

As always we recommend should base the whole process on positive reinforcement , recommended by professionals such as ethologists or canine educators. Keep reading to find out the step by step you should follow to get your puppy to accept the leash and guide.

How to get the dog to accept the collar

The answer is simpler than what you believe, before you even put the collar on your dog, you should pick up a bag full of treats that will please the dog. They should be very appetizing, if you do not have any you can use small pieces of ham.

What you should try to do is to have the dog tie the leash and walk with the food , something that is very appealing to him. At home you should start by offering him a treat and put on his leash offering you another treat later. You can repeat this process of putting and taking the leash on the dog a few times and for a few days.

Dressage should always be carried out in a relaxed way, so it is preferable to look for quiet areas where you can walk with your dog. In the next step you can go out with the dog collar. It is normal that at first he does not want to put the leash on him, but when he receives the prizes he accepts them without any problem, it is fundamental that during training he has a lot of patience.

You should start by taking short walks and progressively increasing the time as the dog accepts the use of the leash and guide. During the tour it will be imperative to reward you regularly, especially when you are well-behaved and able to relax. Want to know how to get your dog relaxed on the ride? So keep reading!

A Suitable Ride for a Stressed Dog

Dogs can not talk but with their behavior they can communicate what they want or are feeling. Not accepting the leash and getting stuck is something that undoubtedly causes them stress, so it is crucial to follow these advice from professionals :

  • Do not pull on your dog’s collar or follow dubious recommendations, such as hitting him or using hanging collars, remember that if you do not allow him to explore for yourself or if you expose him to physical suffering you are only worsening your stress state .
  • Spread treats of your liking to the ground for him to look for and eat them, this is very important since dogs that suffer from stress can be relaxed during the ride. Thus your mind becomes distracted.
  • You should allow the dog to interact with other dogs if it is properly socialized .
  • Let it smell the pees of other dogs , doing so will allow you to relate to your environment in addition to relaxing it. If you see that your dog does not try to smell, it is because he is very stressed.
  • Leave the leash wide so you can walk wherever you want, remember that the walk is the moment of the dog and that your well-being has priority. Leaving the dog walk for wanting is key to getting him to accept the leash and guide.

But do you know why it’s important not to beat or scold a stressed dog ? In addition, worsening your stress levels, carrying out punishment or submission practices can cause the dog to never again overcome this situation and can never accept the collar. It can also have serious consequences such as redirected anger, aggression or stereotypies.

Enjoy and teach the dog to walk next to you

By teaching your dog to walk with leash and guide properly, you can use this process to teach the order “together” or whatever you want to call it.

But how should you do it? When you are on the street with the dog, your treats and the leash and guide, it should give you the freedom to smell and walk wherever you want. From time to time you should call him and say the order you prefer: “Boris together!” and show him a treat, walk with the dog following the dainty one or two meters and then I premeditated him.

What can you do with it? Little by little the dog will relate the treats to walking next to him , but for this to happen it is essential to repeat this daily to start doing it without having to give him the treat. With candy you get him to learn quickly.

If you want to read the similar articles in How to teach the dog to wear a leash and guide , we recommend you to enter our section of Basic Education .

  • If even after applying all these tips can not get the dog to get used to the collar, you should see a professional, as it is very important to solve this situation as soon as possible.

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