How to Teach the Dog to Give Up

Who does not want their dog to learn some tricks ? It is normal for a dog owner to want to see his dog turn on himself, lie down or pretend to be dead. But best of all is that with this, it is not only favoring your intelligence, it is also reinforcing your training and also your relationship.

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One of the most popular tricks for dogs is to give the paw. But you do not know how to teach him to do this? Then you came to the right place!

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain step by step how to teach the dog to give the paw .

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Tricks to teach a dog

All dogs (and even adult dogs) have the ability to learn, you can be sure of this. It is true that some dogs learn faster than others, but with constancy and affection for sure that your pet will also learn.

The first thing you should be clear about is that you should have patience . Do not despair if your dog does not learn early in the sessions. If you get frustrated, your pet will notice and become frustrated too. Learning should be fun for both of you:

  • Short Dress Up Sessions : Look for a quiet place where you are silent and avoid all possible distractions. The training session of the dog should last between 5 and 10 minutes, never be more than 15 minutes, because this will only annoy your dog. You can practice between two and three times a day by having fun, walking and dining between training sessions.
  • The basis of good training is positive reinforcement , repetition and affection. You should not berate your dog because you have not learned the trick yet, so you will be unmotivated. Also, it would be unfair, remember that no one is born taught.

Your dog should be sitting

Does your pet still not know how to sit? We can not start a house by the roof, so first teach your dog to sit , then you can continue the training by teaching him to boot.

Prepare a good dose of goodies

There is a wide variety of dog treats available for sale, but be careful not to overfeed your dog. It is important to avoid obesity , so always look for goodies that can break into small pieces.

Choose the right word and gesture

All order must be related to a word, ideally it is only one. In this case, the most logical would be “paw”. Also be careful and always use the same hand, because if the switch can confuse your dog. In addition, after teaching him to paw, you can start with the other.

You can also use other words like “touch here” or “give a shit”.

Teach the dog to give up

Method 1

  1. Tell your dog to sit down and get it on one leg while saying the word of the order. Always use a pleasant tone of voice.
  2. Give her a treat afterwards.
  3. At first, your pet will look at you as if you are not understanding anything. But this is normal, over time you will see how he understands.
  4. Repeat the exercise using the same method to remember.
  5. Do not overdo the training sessions, they should be short.

Method 2

  1. Take a piece of candy and let your dog smell it.
  2. Then, with the delicacy in your hand, bring your hand closer to one side of your snout.
  3. The most common is that your dog tries to open his hand with his paw.
  4. Once the dog tries to do so, open your hand and let your dog eat the treat.
  5. Not all dogs will act the same way, although it is preferable to use it to foster dog intelligence and self-learning.

For both methods always remember to congratulate your pet every time they perform the intended action.

Go and eliminate the goodies

Once you have repeated the order correctly a few times, eliminate the treats, or at least try not to base the entire dressing process on them. Use the reinforcement with caresses , this is also valid and, sure that your dog will like.

The next step will be to see if your pet obeys order without having to enforce behavior. However, from time to time it is good to reinforce learning, so we advise you to devote one time per day (or only a few days) to practice tricks already learned.

If you have already taught the dog to give the right paw, do not forget to teach to give the left . In this case, there are people who use longer words. For example “Shock there!” or “Give me 5!”, be creative and have fun with your dog.

Teaching this command to the dog is very useful to apply proper care with the dog’s paws .

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