How to Teach My Dog to Bring the Ball

There are several games that we can practice with a dog, but without a doubt, teaching our dog to bring the ball is one of the most complete and fun. In addition to playing with him and strengthening your bond, you are practicing various commands of obedience, so it is very interesting to do it on a regular basis.

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In this article we explain to you in detail and with images, how to teach my dog ​​to bring the ball step by step, getting her to catch and release only with positive reinforcement. Were you excited about the idea?

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Steps to follow:

The first step is to choose the toy that we will use to teach you how to bring the ball. Although our intention is to use a ball, it may be that our dog likes more of a frisbee or some toy with a certain shape. Very importantly, avoid using tennis balls as they damage your teething.

To start teaching your puppy how to bring the ball, you must choose your puppy’s favorite toy, but you will also need snacks and snacks to positively reinforce it when you do it well and attract it to you if you are too stimulated and do not do it no case

Before you start practicing this exercise, but already in the park or at the chosen place, it will be fundamental to offer some treats to our dog so that he realizes that we will work with prizes. Remember it must be very tasty so that it responds correctly. Follow this step-by-step:

  1. Give a prize praise the dog with a “very well”
  2. Go back a few steps and reward it again
  3. Keep doing this action 3 or 5 times more

Once your dog has been awarded multiple times, it is time to start exercising. Ask him to be quiet (for this you have to teach him to be quiet). This will prevent you from being extremely anxious to play and will also help you to better understand that we are “working”.

When the dog is stopped, shoot the ball with a signal so that it matches correctly. You can combine the ” search ” with a concrete gesture with the arm. Remember that both the signal and the verbal order must always be the same, so the dog will relate the word to the exercise.

At the beginning, if you have correctly chosen the toy, the dog will pick up the chosen “ball”. In this case we are practicing with a kong , but remember that you can use the toy that is most attractive to your dog.

Now is the time to call your dog for the “collection” or delivery of the ball. Remember that previously you should practice the exercise of responding to the call, otherwise your dog will go away with the ball. Once you’re close, pull the ball gently and give it a prize, thus reinforcing the delivery of the toy.

At this moment we must include the “let” or “loose” order so that our puppy can also practice the delivery of toys or objects. In addition, this command will be very useful for our day postponed, being able to avoid that our dog eats something by the street or leaves an object that is biting.

Once understood the exercise of bringing the ball is the time to continue practicing , whether daily or weekly, so that the dog finish assimilating the exercise and we can practice with this game whenever we want.

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