How to bathe my hamster

By nature, hamsters are very clean and hygienic animals. Like cats, they spend more than 20% of their day sanitizing their skin. For them, it is part of their daily routine and the act of sanitizing themselves is a sign that they feel good in every way.

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The way that hamsters clean themselves is so efficient, they do not need to bathe them. In fact, dipping them in water or “giving them a shower” is not very correct and healthy for them.

However, if the animal is very dirty, there are special baths that we can give you to remove the dirt. Do you have a hamster, whether long or short, and you think you need a shower? So keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and learn how to bathe your hamster .

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Could i give a bath in my hamster?

As I said at the beginning, it is not very recommendable to regularly bathe your hamster. This is because by subjecting it to large amounts of water will be removing the natural oils that protect your skin and also act as regulators of body temperature.

In case you are too dirty or have residue stuck to your skin you can give it a bath every 2 or 3 weeks. This will be a particular type of bath as it has several options. If your hamster is short haired you will have less problems with this because the hair change will not be as drastic but if it is long hair, you can try brushing your hair with a soft, natural bristle brush.

Types of baths for hamsters:

As hamsters are very delicate animals, there are three types of specific baths that you can carry out. Discover the three options and decide which one is best for your pet:

1 – Dry Bath

Go to a pet store and order a special dry shampoo for rodents . Do not use any product that comes in the supermarket, there is no substitute. On the way home, take a small towel, the ones we use to dry our hands or a little bigger, for example, and carefully place your hamster on it.

Go spraying the shampoo all over the body except for the head ,. Use a soft bristle brush and give it a nice and delicate massage, which helps to spread the shampoo evenly. Do it both for and against the hair so that, little by little, it eliminates all residue of dirt and product.

There are also wet washcloths for rodents .

2 – Sand bathing

This option is the simplest for you and the least stressful for your pet. It is the bubble bath version for the hamsters. Put inside your pet’s house a large container with sand (which you can buy at a pet store), it should be large enough for your pet to put in there and feel comfortable.

This is one of the reasons why you should provide a good home for your pet. Your hamster will like to roll in the sand and will be a great way to remove any dirt on your skin. You can buy the container in any supermarket or use one you already have at home.

Do not forget that the sand must be rodent specific (the chinchilla sand may also work) and must be sterilized.

3 – Bath with water

This is the last option of all, which you will only resort to if your hamster is not interested in the sand, is allergic to dry shampoo or very nervous. To know how to bathe in your hamster, use the bath with water:

Get a container that is not too deep and put the lukewarm water. Avoid wetting your hamster’s head and carry out the whole process as gently as possible as this could be stressful for your pet.

You should buy a special shampoo or soap for hamsters or rodents. Do not leave it too long in the water, try to enjoy the time to the maximum. When the bath is finished, immediately dry your hamster with a towel and leave it comfortable and warm.

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