How to Scold My Cat

Want to discipline your pet and do not know how? It’s normal for everyone to give you advice to teach a dog how to behave, not to bite your shoes, to take your needs outside the home, not to bark … but what happens when it comes to a cat , this independent animal, suspicious, a little wild but affectionate and fun?

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If you have a cat at home, you’ve probably wondered how to scold your cat . In YourCatCareguide we will give you the answer. Teaching a cat that something he did is not good is easier than he thinks, just have to be patient and follow these simple advice.

Cats are intelligent animals and if they have attitudes that are not conducive to coexistence they can reprimand them effectively, make them understand and do not repeat these actions that can become uncomfortable. We know that cats have a special character and that we can never compare them to dogs, but what we can do is to understand their behavior and act in a proper way to help them live together correctly and with a certain discipline at home.

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Before You Scold Your Cat

If you have a cat, then you know full well that it is a free-spirited animal, a little wild and very independent. However, like any other pet, the cat needs discipline and for this must know well the motives of his behavior. It may happen that for him he is being a complete destroyer when he is simply carrying out the actions that his instinct dictates.

Your feline instinct, your habits and some of your attitudes may come from your wild ancestors, so they will hardly disappear, but that does not mean that you can not teach your cat the basic rules of living and make them comply , at least while you’re watching.

It is very important to be patient and remember that it is an animal. Reprimanding is not maltreatment and wanting to discipline your feline friend does not mean that you like it less.

It is better to teach than to rebuke

There are some typical actions that felines can commit and that are most likely the cause of being asked how you can scold a cat. If you have one of these cases at home, it is best to understand why these attitudes can then correct them:

  • It has the furniture destroyed : Cats scratch and nail their nails quite frequently, it is an instinctive and survival action, as they do it to release stress and to relax. If your cat destroys your furniture, you probably need a scratcher and some toys, so first find out why your cat scratches the furniture and if you do not want to invest a lot of money make yourself a fun homemade scraper to cats .
  • Bite and attack your hands : Cats may bite for many reasons, but if they attack your hands we regret to tell you that it is your fault. If you’ve played bites with your cat since childhood, what you did was teach her that your fingers are a prey, so what you have to do is correct this behavior. Find out why your cat bites you and do not scold you if it was something he learned from you.
  • Uses the whole house except the litter box : The use of the litter box is almost innate in felines, because they instinctively need to eliminate any smell that may leave traces. However, there are times when this does not happen, so before reprimanding your cat, notice why your cat does not use the litter box, and enjoy and see our article on how to keep your cat from urinating at home . And for the more daring we also have recommendations to teach your cat to use the toilet .

The tip of when

When we talk about reprimanding a cat , the “when” element is fundamental. As with other types of pets, reprimand will be effective if it occurs at the exact moment the pet is eating that attitude. That is, if you can not find your feline with your hands in the dough, forget about reprimanding him because he will not understand why you’re giving a damn.

If you reprimand your cat for something that something bad did have to be the moment the animal is doing the action, if a minute goes by then the effect will no longer be the same. The cat, as with dogs, does not have the capacity for reasoning of a human being, so no matter how much he scolds him, he will not know why he is reprimanding him for something he did 3 hours, 15 or 2 minutes ago.

Although your little feline friend has done something very bad, like leaving the house turned inside out, destroying a piece of furniture, or leaving footprints in the kitchen, it’s no good to scold him if it’s not the moment he’s doing it, do not waste time like this. Your pet may be frightened by your attitude and will not understand that you have done something you should not.

The power of No!

Having clear that the reprimand must be made at the exact moment of the act, what it must do is to say a non-firm to his pet . When you find your cat doing something he should not, such as climbing to the table or biting a piece of furniture is when he should impose discipline, but attention, it is not about shouting or explaining to the cat why he should not do what he is doing. Remember that it is an animal and we do not want it to flee, it is about making it learn not to repeat that action.

To do this correctly, approach the animal and press lightly on your neck to lower your head. While doing this action say a not firm and let it go. You should hold the cat steadily but gently, you should never hurt your pet , what you should do is mark it for him to know that what he is doing is not good.

Repeat this action each time you need it and try to use the same strong and firm tone of voice. In this way, the cat will understand that he should not do this, but remember that he must have patience, because it is an effective but long process.

Other effective reprimands

There are other methods you can use to educate your cat and make him understand that what he did is not good. These methods use the weaknesses of felines to associate something they do not like with a certain action. But keep in mind that you must be careful, since the priority is always to take care of and protect your pet , never torture or hurt it.

These methods are recommended in extreme situations, for example to control fights with other pets at home or to keep your friend away from dangerous areas such as balconies:

  • Spray with water : Always keep a water spray on hand and spray a small amount of water on your water when it does something wrong or approaching a prohibited area. The animal will become frightened and will gradually associate the activity with the uneasy sensation of the water. It is important that the water shot be accurate, fast and, if possible on the face, do not worry that this will not hurt your cat, nevertheless, it is not something we recommend doing very often.
  • Bicycle horn : Cats like to do things hideously or covertly and have a very developed sense of hearing, so loud sounds are not to their liking. Like water, always keep a horn or horn on hand and when you see your cat do something he should not, give a touch that will scare you a little and keep you from what you are doing.

Keep in mind that for these methods to take effect it is important that your cat does not know that both water and sound come from you. Cats are very intelligent and if they know it’s you who are doing these things they will not stop doing what they are doing. The idea is that the cat thinks that these nasty moments come from the sofa, the table or the porch.

Violence is not a discipline

Never use violence with your pets, remember that cats are animals with a very special character and it may be that when you are watching, you are an angel and that when you leave him alone, he returns to the old days, it is his nature.

Regardless, maltreatment will not help to improve your behavior , on the contrary, it can affect your relationship, since it can attack you to defend yourself and have a great distrust and fear of that person. With patience and the right actions you can teach your cat the things he should not do and enjoy a great company for many years.

And if my cat is a street cat …

If adopted an adult cat coming from the street, the subject of the discipline should be treated differently. Keep in mind that a cat that lived part of its life in the street may have suffered from human maltreatment , so when it is time to reprimand you to teach it to live together, you must be very careful.

In YourCatCareguide we are in favor of helping our feline friends and, even more if they are cats that have had a difficult life, so if you decided to adopt a street cat we just have to congratulate him.

Taming a wild cat is not that complicated, we just have to have patience and to deal with the subject of discipline, first we must solve other important issues such as security and confidence of the feline in his new home.

Dispose of all water and noise methods completely. Remember that a street cat has suffered enough, so your new home can not have things that remind you of an unpleasant past. Once your cat feels good and has gained his confidence, use positive reinforcement to enhance his virtues.

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