How to report maltreatment to animals?

Brazil is one of the few countries in the world that has in its own constitution a ban on animal cruelty! Unfortunately, atrocities against animals occur at all times and not all cases are reported. Many times, those who observe the ill-treatment do not know how and to whom they should report. For this reason, YourCatCareguide created this article, so that all citizens of Brazil know how to report maltreatment to animals .

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If you have witnessed any kind of animal abuse, regardless of species, you can and should report it ! Abandonment, poisoning, imprisonment with a very short rope, unhygienic conditions, mutilation, physical aggression, etc. are all worthy of complaint whether it is a domestic animal, wild or exotic.

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Bad Animal Treatments – What Can Be Considered?

Here are some examples of maltreatment:

  • Abandon, beat, beat, maim and poison;
  • Keep permanently attached to chains;
  • Keep in small and unhygienic places;
  • Do not shelter from the sun, the rain and the cold;
  • Leave without ventilation or sunlight;
  • Do not give water and food daily;
  • Deny veterinary assistance to the sick or injured animal;
  • Obliging to work excessive or exceeding his strength;
  • Capture wild animals;
  • Use animals at shows that can cause panic or stress;
  • Promote violence like cockfighting, booze, etc.

You can consult other examples of ill-treatment in Decree Law 24.645, of July 10, 1934, of Getúlio Vargas .

Abuse of animals – legislation

The complaint can be supported both by Article 32 of Federal Law No. 6060 of February 12, 1998 (Law on Environmental Crimes) and by the Brazilian Federal Constitution of October 5, 1988.

Environmental Crimes Law – Article 32 of Federal Law 9,605 / 98

According to this article will be applied penalty of detention of three months to a year and fine to those who “commit acts of abuse, mistreatment, injury or maiming wild, domestic or domesticated animals, native or exotic.”

In addition, the article states that:

“It is in the same penalties that one performs the painful or cruel experience in a living animal, even for didactic or scientific purposes, when there are alternative resources.”

“The penalty is increased from one sixth to one third if the animal’s death occurs.”

Brazilian Federal Constitution

Art.23. It is the common competence of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities:

VI – protect the environment and combat pollution in any of its forms:

VII – preserving forests, fauna and flora;

Art.225. Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment, a common good used by the people and essential to a healthy quality of life, imposing on power and the community the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this right, it is incumbent upon the public authority:

VII – protect the environment by adopting initiatives such as: protecting fauna and flora, prohibiting, in the form of a law, practices that put their ecological function at risk, causing extinction of species or subjecting animals to cruelty.

Report animal abuse

Whenever you witness any act of pet mistreatment you must report to the law enforcement authorities . You should try to accurately describe all the facts, location, and all data you have about those responsible. If you have some evidence, take along with you to the police station, such as photographs, videos, veterinarian’s report, names of witnesses, etc. The more detailed the complaint, the better!

The denunciations may also be made to IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) that will send to the nearest police station of the place of the aggression. The contacts of IBAMA are: telephone 0800 61 8080 (free) and email

You should not fear to denounce, you must exercise your citizenship and demand that the responsible authorities act in accordance with the law.

We can all fight against animal crimes together!

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