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When your dog wakes up in the morning or after a nap throughout the day, do you have many eyebrows ? The pimples are a mucous secretion that leaves the tear and accumulates in the corners of the eyelids. Sometimes the ocular secretion is lighter and as it does not get too close to the hair around the eyes of the dog, the pledges can be taken more easily, but other times the mucous secretion is thicker and when drying and staying in the hair of the dog, creates a crust that is quite difficult to remove.

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If your dog can not eliminate the moths himself with the tears in a natural way, you should help him and clean his eyes well so that this substance does not continue accumulating and end up causing him malaise and problems of visibility. If you do not know how to do it without hurting him, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and find out how to take the dog’s pledges effectively and without hurting him.

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Physiological serum to remove the plaits

When your dog has a patch and wants to remove it but it is already quite dry and hard, if you put a cloth in your eye it is likely to hurt you, since when you are hard, you will stretch the hair and the skin around of the eye of your dog, having as a result to hurt your dog enough. To avoid this, it is advisable to wet them before softening them.

The best option to do this is to use saline that you can find for sale in pharmacies. To do well it is advised that instead of using toilet paper or cotton used sterile gazes, also on sale in pharmacies, so you will not get any fiber or residue in the eye of your furry.

Take a sterile gauze and soak it well with saline solution, also put serum directly into your dog’s eye and gently massage the gauze. Do not press because doing so may hurt your faithful companion, simply massage gently and you will notice that the patch on moisturizing again is releasing more easily. You should use a different gauze for each eye, never take advantage of one eye to clean the other, as this will be passing dirt or some eye condition from one eye to the other. Continue to do this massage with saline until the two eyes of the dog are well cleaned and free of the uncomfortable remixes.

In addition, this cleaning with saline will also allow you to remove the spots from your dog’s eyes , which form when the eye is very watery but the tear ducts do not drain very well and that stain the hair a reddish brown.

Cold chamomile to eliminate the wrinkles of your dog

Another way to get rid of your puppy and which is still more efficient than saline when there is more trouble than mucus secretion, such as a start of conjunctivitis or a slightly inflamed eye for allergy to something, is the infusion of cold chamomile .

In case of a start of conjunctivitis in dogs , it is good to try to stop the problem before moving on and starting an infection, so in addition to a medical treatment recommended by your trusted veterinarian, you can perform cold chamomile baths in your dog’s eyes . In addition, if you notice that your dog has slightly swollen eyes and potholes, there is likely to be something in the environment, such as a lot of dust, that is causing him an allergic reaction, and in these cases, the most cause allergy or withdrawal from the area and help remove pimples, reduce the swelling and itchiness of your eyes with an infusion of cold chamomile.

To do this you should prepare an infusion of chamomile, strain it to remove any residue and when it is warm put it in the refrigerator to cool for at least half an hour. When the chamomile is very cold, take a sterile gauze and soak it in the infusion, place the gauze over the affected eye of your faithful friend and let it act for a few seconds. Massage gently and you will notice that the bundles will begin to loosen and you can remove them easily. With this remedy you will be able to eliminate the pimples, to clean the eyes well and to disinflame themthanks to the effect of the cold chamomile.

Thyme to remove the plaits from your dog

If you have neither saline nor chamomile and are looking for a not only cleaning effect, but also disinflate and deflate your dog’s eyes, we recommend that you use cold thyme infusionto remove the pimples from your dog and relieve the eyes.

Thanks to the disinfectant properties of the thyme , it is advisable to use it if you suspect conjunctivitis, eye infections or allergies, as mentioned before with chamomile, as this will reduce the progression of inflammation and infection. With a sterilized gauze you can apply the thyme to the eyes of your dog with a gentle massage and then cleaning the pimples, which will no longer be dry and hard, allowing the gauze to well soak the eye area to desinflamar and disinfect well.

In addition to using these remedies, it is very important to consult your trusted veterinarianto check the eyes of your faithful companion, since when it is not a matter of simple moping for having slept too much, the health problem should be addressed as soon as possible and avoided that worsens the dog’s ocular condition.

Also, be careful when bathing your furry, since washing your eyes with shampoo is not the best option as this product may irritate the dog’s eyes. But if you decide to give it a bath with some natural dog products, then some might be applied around the eyes without causing problems to them and so you can remove your dog’s pussy , but to be sure you should consult before your vet.

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