How To Relieve Dog Heat – 10 Tips!

On hot days, it is very important to take certain precautions so that our dog is fresh and without risk of heat stroke or sunstroke. It is essential to take special care of long-haired or dark-haired dogs because they are more likely to suffer from these problems.

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At YourCatCareguide, we give you some advice on caring for a dog on the hottest days of the summer. Do not forget that if you notice some signs of illness such as diarrhea or very high body temperature, you should go to the veterinary clinic immediately.

Keep reading and discover our 10 tips to relieve the dog’s heat .

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Tips to avoid heat in the home

1. Always have fresh and abundant water

Keeping our dog well hydrated is key to preventing health problems related to excessive heat. Indoors, we should always have a container with fresh, clean and plentiful water that must be renewed daily . Particularly in the summer, we should regularly confirm that the water is clean.

One trick we can use to know if our dog is well hydrated is to “gently” pull the skin from the back of the neck. The skin should regain its initial position in seconds. If the dog is dehydrated, the skin will be slightly elastic.

2. Put the food at the end of the day

To facilitate and improve the digestive process , it will be convenient to accustom the dog to eating at the end of the day, when the temperature is lower. This helps the body to perform digestion in a more relaxed way.

3. Offer more moist food to help with moisturizing

If you notice that your dog drinks little water , offering moist food can be a great option for him to stay hydrated, in addition to enjoying a tasty meal. Choose quality foods and be sure to offer oral hygiene snacks to avoid periodontal disease , often associated with this type of nutrition.

You can also choose to offer more water-rich snacks like fruits or vegetables .

4. Use the fan if the dog is very hot

Like people, dogs can cool off with the use of a fan. If the heat of that day is really choking, turn on the fan at home and your dog will surely thank you.

5. Avoid being overweight

Dogs that are overweight or obese have a layer of lipids that insulates them from the outside and causes more heat than other dogs. For this reason, the arrival of heat usually affects the more chubby dogs.

Find out in the Animal Expert how to know if your puppy is overweight . If your puppy is actually fatter than he should, keep in mind that losing weight should be a gradual process. Choose the coolest hours of the day to perform exercises such as late afternoon or evening.

The best way to prevent obesity is, in addition to proper nutrition, exercise. See also our article on exercise for adult puppies .

6. Never offer food before exercising

Digestion is a delicate process, and for this very reason we refer to its importance in point 2. One possible serious consequence of providing food to the dog before exercise is gastric twisting . This problem can be fatal if not treated in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

Tips to avoid heat away from home

7. The shadow, your great ally

Whenever accompanied by your dog, be aware that there are shadows so that he can take refuge. For example, if you go to the beach with your dog, take a sun hat .

8. Always have water by hand

Just like indoors, outside the house the dog must always have fresh water at his disposal. We can take with us a bottle and a container to put the water and a spray to spray it in the mouth from time to time.

9. Never leave the dog alone in the car.

In just 10 minutes, the temperature inside a car can rise from 23ºC to 32ºC, which can cause insolation. After 30 minutes, we can talk about the risk of life of your dog . You should never leave a dog locked in a car. Never!

10. Avoid using the nylon muzzle

The nylon muzzle, or any other that closes the dog’s jaw, does not allow panting , which makes it impossible to thermoregulate his body. It is important to choose a type of muzzle more similar to that of the image. Discover the different types of muzzle that exist in this article.

Remember that the best method to avoid heat in the dog is to pay attention to the pet regularly, especially when you are away from home. It will also be important that you learn the first aid in case of insolation .

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