How to reduce the odor of ferrets

If you have decided to adopt a ferret as a pet you might be wondering if this is the ideal animal for you. Among the frequent questions about ferrets and their care always appears the bad smell as a cause of abandonment.

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Find out right in this YourCatCareguide article to know what is going on with the ferret’s bad smell and what we can do to prevent it and feel better about it.

Keep reading and discover a series of advice for the ferret’s bad smell .

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Most of the ferrets that we find in shelters already available to be adopted are sterilized, why does this happen? Does it have to do with the bad smell?

The male ferret , when it is a year old, begins to develop the glands to attract specimens of another sex or to mark territory and drive away its competitors. When sterilizing a male we avoided:

  • Bad smell
  • Territoriality
  • Tumors

Sterilizing the female ferret also has certain advantages, this is because they undergo hormonal changes to attract the male that also imply the use of their glands. By sterilizing we avoid:

  • Bad odor
  • Hormonal problems
  • Hyper estrogenism
  • Anemia
  • Alopecia
  • reproduction
  • Tumors
  • reproduction

Perianal glands

The ferrets have perianal glands, are two and are situated within the anus communicating to him through the small canals.

We must know that a sterile ferret, due to no heat or sexual excitement, no longer regularly smells , but it can happen if you experience a strong emotion, a change or excitement.

The extirpation of the perianal glands should always be carried out by a professional already experienced in this procedure, otherwise our pet may suffer from incontinence, prolapses and other diseases derived from the operation. is optional and must be the owner to make this decision.

As the owner of the ferret you should plan whether or not to carry out this operation and consider whether the problems that the surgery may involve have more weight than the bad smell it can produce at certain times, although you should know that you will never be able to eliminate 100% bad smell. In the Animal Expert we do not recommend the extirpation of these glands .

The perianal glands are not the only ones your ferret has. There are others spread throughout the body that can also lead to some bad odor. The uses of these can be several, among them, to provide them with ease to defecate, protection against a predator, etc.

Tricks to avoid bad smell

The best option is undoubtedly not to remove the perianal glands, so in the Animal Expert we offer some useful advice to prevent and try to avoid the bad smell that the ferret can release :

  • Clean your cage pretty much every day or every two days, including grills that we can wipe with moist wipes, for example. When cleaning use a disinfectant and neutral product that does not harm the skin or can contaminate the food.
  • You should pay attention daily and clean the area of ​​the cage or inhabited space where custom do your needs. In doing so it avoids the appearance of diseases, infections, etc.
  • As with other pets, you should clean the ferret’s ears by removing the wax weekly or biweekly. Performing this process reduces the laughter of an infection and also reduces the bad smell.
  • Give the ferret a bath once a month at the most, because on his skin we find a fat that protects him from the outside. In addition and as with dogs giving too much bath produces bad odor.
  • Lastly, it is important that you leave your ferret quiet during the day trying not to excite or scare you. This reduces the likelihood of a strong smell from which you want to get rid of.

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