How to reduce stress in cats

Although stress is an adaptive mechanism whose purpose is to guarantee survival in situations of danger, it can also be a pathology with serious repercussions both physical and behavioral.

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The cat is an animal especially susceptible to pathological stress, since it is characterized by the need to exercise total control over its surroundings, this implies that stress can occur repeatedly until it becomes something that appears before the smallest change in their surroundings, such as the visits or the alteration of the place of furniture.

Stress requires an immediate response in order to avoid any complications, and so in this article the Animal Expert will explain to you how to reduce your cat’s stress .

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Stress in Cats

Stress is an absolutely necessary mechanism , for example, if a cat suffers from stress during a change this leaves him on alert and allows him to adapt to his new surroundings when a cat suffers from stress when another animal shows aggressiveness does with which he can escape, in these situations, no intervention is necessary, since stress obeys a situation that truly requires this adaptive response.

In the cases we mentioned, stress occurs for a short period that does not pose any threat, the problem comes when the cat demonstrates stress on a daily basis and in day-to-day situations.

The stress that is produced produces harmful changes in the body , ranging from a decrease in the immune system’s response to changes in behavior, so that is when we should act quickly if we do not want the health of our cat to be significantly affected.

It is important to know the main symptoms of stress in the cat to be able to warn this situation with the greatest anticipation possible.

Visit to the vet

A stressed cat can present multiple health problems, from infectious diseases to alopecia, allergies and various skin disorders. Therefore, it is imperative that a veterinarian evaluate the state of health of the cat to initiate a pharmacological treatment in those cases where it is necessary.

Another important reason to go to the veterinarian first is that stress can be caused by a physical illness and it is important to rule out that this is the underlying cause.

Take care of your cat’s food

Among the multiple balanced cat foods we can find currently some are specific to supporting nutrition in times of stress.

A stressed body has slightly different nutritional needs and needs more energy to be able to cope with the state of alertness that stress causes, so it is highly recommended to change thecat’s diet so that it helps to treat stress and allows , along with other resources, a good recovery.

Obviously, any change of feeding of the cat should be done gradually to avoid digestive complications.

Observe other pets

Does your cat live with other animals? This can aggravate stress and even be the cause of it. To determine how they influence the other animals of the house in the stress of the cat is necessary to observe the behavior of the same, and also the behavior of the cat when it is with them.

If we detect that the company of the other animals aggravates the stress of the feline will be necessary to keep the separated animals by a time until the cat is recovered more. It may also be necessary to work on the behavior of other pets .

Spend time with your cat

To reduce stress your cat should find a quiet space to be with your cat for quite a while, every day. During this time speak to him in a sweet voice, give him all your affection and play with him, always observing any aggressive behavior you may have, as these should not be allowed.

Playing with your cat gives you an excellent tool to manage stress, since the best remedy in the face of this condition is to keep the cat active as a way to channel the state of alert that your body has.

Treatment with natural therapies

Stress is a condition that responds especially well to natural therapies and this gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of life of our cat in a completely respectful way with your body.

We can choose to give our cat several natural tranquilizers, such as pheromones, which allow the cat to feel the environment under its control and territory. Other equally suitable options are Bach flowers and homeopathy .

To successfully apply these natural therapies we recommend that you do so with the supervision of a holistic veterinarian .

If you want to read the description in the section How to reduce stress in cats , we recommend that you enter our behavior problems section .

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