How to prevent dogs from jumping on people

Does your dog jump on people? Sometimes our pet can get very excited and show a total lack of control jumping on top of us to welcome us.

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Although this situation may be to our liking and being funny it is important that you stop doing it since you probably do it with an older person or about a child we may have a dislike.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to learn how to prevent the dog from jumping on people .

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Why do dogs jump at people?

We can compare the dog’s brain to that of a very young child who needs to be educated: he must learn to do his needs on the street , socialize with all kinds of people and pets, and learn about behavior within the nucleus family.

If we do not educate our puppy from a puppy, problems such as the ones we deal with in this article will occur: to prevent the dog from jumping on people.

But why does this happen?

Usually this type of behavior happens in dogs that have been developing this behavior since the pups . By allowing them to rise above us, we are implying that this behavior is correct, so when they get older they continue to do the same, as a normal and correct routine.

Dogs who have had a change in their life and who generate stress can begin to develop this behavior and for that reason they start to behave in a very excited way by jumping on people, sofas and objects.

Finally, we can add a third factor that is recent adoption. In newly adopted dogs these behaviors appear early on, that is, they are casual.

What you should know

To begin with we must know that the dog is an energetic animal with vitality and joy. It is not a being that we should mold to our taste or whim, has its own personality. For this reason we should know that jumping is a habitual and proper behavior of a dog, one should not be alarmed if this happens.

The way to avoid this behavior falls directly at the time of your education when you are still a puppy, but if we can not (or have known) to carry out this process we will need a lot of patience.

An adult dog and even an old dog can learn about behavior whenever basic rules apply:

  • Love
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Persistence
  • Determination
  • Positive attitude
  • Positive reinforcement

It is possible to educate an adult dog but it takes time and dedication to understand what to do. As already mentioned it is not a robot, it is a dog.

Preparing the ground

Before beginning to comment on some of the tricks that will help us improve this situation, it is important that you prepare the ground by asking yourself some basic questions:

  • Is your dog almost always accompanied?
  • Does your dog exercise?
  • Does your dog walk the time he should?
  • Does your dog train with a clicker ?
  • Does your dog listen to you regularly?

If the answer to these questions was “no” is not yet prepared to start working. It is important that you do not try to apply education techniques to your pet if this is not in the ideal well-being and tranquility situation.

If the dog has a serious behavior problem, suffers from stress or other illness, even if it is of the mental type, we must wait to solve the situation. We should practice with a healthy dog ​​physically and mentally .

In addition to everything that has been commented, if your puppy is an excellent bouncer you can think about the possibility of practicing Agility .

Always use positive reinforcement

The dog is a very persistent animal and it has been assimilated that jumping in the people is something positive, cheerful and friendly (and that besides can receive treats or carinhos) should look for a technique to teach him another type of behavior and attitude. It is no use ignoring , especially if what we want is a harmonious and harmonious coexistence.

We will try to reinforce the quiet attitude positive and serene and for this it is fundamental that the whole family get involved and collaborate in our learning process:

  • Feed the dog when you are calm
  • Let him smell you when he gets home.
  • Pet the dog while it is resting
  • Do not excite him
  • Do not make him play violently.
  • Do not let him jump over you.

The best way for our puppy to learn is through positive reinforcement, since the animal joins you in a much more complex way than through the use of prizes or treats.

And what most people do not know is that the dog prefers rather a fondness than a treat . For this reason when we speak of positive reinforcement it is important to differentiate it from a simple technique such as the clicker . The dog is a social animal that must feel loved and accompanied in its learning.

Practice obedience with your dog

To truly improve this problem you should start practicing obedience with your dog, always in a fun way for him and you.

To solve this problem you should definitely teach your dog some basic command such as “sit” or “stay”. Practice with him every day for 5 – 10 minutes and always offer him personal rewards (as a treat) or food (pieces of dog biscuits) so he can assimilate his new trick.

Once we learn the chosen trick we will start practicing it specifically when we realize that the dog wants to jump up on us. For this you should always have treats and prizes to your liking.

It is not a matter of fattening the dog, but of making him understand that it is better to make the order than to jump over us, since jumping upwards of us does not receive anything and instead, when he receives him sitting he is rewarded with goodies .

A serious problem

In principle if carried out this technique of obedience can redirect the behavior of your dog but will be in other cases where we can not prevent this from happening.

If you believe that your problem boosts beyond poorly learned behavior you should consider turning to an ethologist , a canine specialist who can advise you on the dog’s behavior and well-being.

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