How to prevent the dog from dropping the Christmas tree

Christmas parties come and it is very usual that the house is filled with decorative elements typical of this time of year, not to mention the mythical Christmas tree, which much of us love, regardless of whether there are children at home or not. However, although you have not changed anything at all in your home, your puppy will also notice that Christmas is coming. As dogs are very sensitive animals, the routine changes, stress and preparations that often involve Christmas are perfectly noticeable by your pet , if in addition the house is filled with decorations, the dog notices even better that something is happening .

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If you like the Christmas holidays but also share your home with a dog, you’ve probably wondered, how to prevent the dog from dropping the Christmas tree? This is the question that we answer next in this article by the Animal Expert, because the most important thing that the falling Christmas tree is that it hurts your dog.

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The dog’s reactions to the Christmas tree

Dogs are not as sensitive as cats to the changes that may happen at home, but this does not imply that they can not express uneasiness, discomfort or curiosity through various behaviors when we include an element that is foreign to them.

Some dogs, especially the smaller ones, have as usual nesting under the Christmas tree when the size of the Christmas tree is sufficient, on the other hand, others acquire a behavior that can be very dangerous, such as eating the tree with decorations included. There are still other dogs, either because they see in the Christmas tree a great toy or because they feel a great annoyance about the presence of this one and they decide to throw it to the ground. Although this behavior also knocks down all his effort, the dog is in danger because the dog can be harmed when he knocks down the tree.

Choose a suitable location for the Christmas tree

Does your dog have a certain place to rest? Should you always take the same route to go for a walk or to go to your trough or water fountain? So the priority is do not put the Christmas tree in these areas.

To prevent your puppy from knocking over the Christmas tree, it is very important that this ornament does not stand in your way, that it does not upset your routine and bother you as little as possible. It is necessary to clarify that a good location of the Christmas tree does not guarantee that your puppy does not drop it, but rather that it will significantly reduce the risk of that happening.

Your dog knocks over the Christmas tree because you think it’s a toy?

It is possible that your dog, far from acquiring a rather destructive behavior, knocks down the Christmas tree because he sees it as a great toy and simply does it to play, although the result of this joke is, at best, that the tree fall to the ground, or in the worst case, the dog to hurt.

If you notice clearly that your puppy acquires a playful attitude before knocking over the Christmas tree, it may be time for your pet to have a Christmas toy as well . In this way, you can channel your play energies to another object , which in turn does not put you at risk.

If you have an outside garden you have a definite solution

Have you tried everything and your dog keeps knocking over the Christmas tree? In this case there is an infallible solution, although for this it is imperative that you have an outside space in your house.

The idea is that you can have a good sized natural pine in your garden, properly rooted to the ground. In this way, it will be impossible for your pet, however much it tries, to overturn it.

And here it is, now you know how to prevent your dog from dropping the Christmas tree.

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