How to prevent my dog ​​from eating cat food

The coexistence between dogs and cats is, for the most part, fun and enriching, both for the animals themselves and for us humans. However, there are always small incidents, such as the “stealing” of food between them.

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If this is a timely problem you should not worry, however, if dogs overeat cat food can suffer nutritional deficiencies and even lead to health problems, as we pointed out in our article, ” Dogs can eat food of cat? “. However in this article of YourCatCareguide we give you some advice so you know how to prevent your dog from eating cat food .

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Why does the dog eat cat food?

It is very important to understand why dogs carry out this behavior since, although on some occasions it may be a simple whim, in some cases it may hide something else. Here are the most common reasons :

  • The quality of food you give to your puppy is poor and for this reason you are looking for food with a higher nutritional intake. Remember that this can happen even with the most commercial brands. Cat food, being rich in fat and protein, is often more appealing to them. Check the composition of your puppy’s diet and find out if it is a quality food.
  • The dog does not feel satiated with the quality of food it gives him. As with the Labrador, some dogs have a real obsession with food. In these cases it is highly recommended to consult our veterinarian about the option of giving them a better ration and to help them feel full.
  • Some dogs show poor behavior when their care is not optimal. Although we did not realize it, there are some factors that can lead to behavioral problems: lack of walking or poor walking, stress and anxiety, lack of attention and affection, thirst, discomfort (cold, not having a bed of its own, uneasiness due to excessive noise or the circumstances of time), lack of expression, isolation, fear, punishment …
  • Health problems (usually intestinal) can lead them to eat food from others in an attempt to improve their digestion. Going to the vet is always advisable, whether the dog is visibly ill or not.
  • Finally, your dog may simply be attracted to his cat’s food. By not knowing how to ration your food and finding that of your unprotected companion, your puppy simply decides to eat it.

Tricks to prevent the dog from eating cat food

1. Separate the feeders

If it is one of those people who rations the cat’s food by giving it food only once a day (or divided into several meals) it is enough to give them food in separate rooms at the same time. Close the cat in a room, or the dog, and do not open the door until both are over.

In these cases it is highly recommended to follow a fixed meal schedule for both. This type of solution is positive: the cat will eat relaxed knowing that his companion will not steal his food and the dog will reduce his level of stress and excitement by not having to steal.

2. Place the cat feeder in an elevated position

If on the contrary it is the ones that offer unlimited ration to your cat, it is convenient to place your feeder in a high place. You should make sure the dog can not get access to it, but the cat does manage to get to the feeder. Choosing the place is usually a bit tricky since some dogs are extremely intelligent and skilled and will do anything to get their prize.

In these cases it is useful to install a small system of walkways and shelves on some free wall , or you can use a certain piece of furniture. You should choose the right place for yourself, but we recommend that you stay alert for the first few days to make sure everything goes well.

3. Work obedience with your dog.

If you do not want to switch the food on or the routine of your animals, you can always choose to work on basic obedience with your dog, namely “Stop” or “Stop”. Although it takes time to get good results, teaching your dog to be quiet when you send him is the best of the options and it will also encourage good communication and spend more time with him, something he will love.

Do not forget that at the beginning you should be present whenever it is time for your cat to eat, to remind your dog to stop and to stop eating his partner’s food. Through repetitions and the use of positive reinforcement (congratulations after good behavior) your dog should have this behavior alone.

4. Buy an automatic feeder with microchip

In the market we can find special feeders that open automatically when approaching a certain animal. It works with microchip (which we put in your necklace) and is perfect for homes with lots of animals. This option has a high economic cost but besides avoiding thefts, manages to keep food moist and in better condition for longer. One option is the ” SureFeed automatic feeder with microchip “.

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