How to prevent my cat from urinating at home

We know that cats are very clean animals, but sometimes, especially males, urinate outside the litter box that we prepare for their needs and leave marks in other parts of the house. But why do they do it? Can we avoid this? They effectively have their reasons for doing so, but we can avoid this behavior in most cases.

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If you are the owner of a cat that follows this behavior that usually annoys humans and you are interested in correcting it, keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and find out how to prevent my cat from urinating at home .

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Why do domestic cats urinate out of the litter box?

Surely if you have a cat urinating on the wall, on the sofa, on the chairs and other places in your house and that it is rare to do it in your litter box, you will have asked this question. We must remember that although they have been domesticated for many centuries and some prefer to live with humans, cats still have their instinct . So they will continue to do things that are strange to us or even uncomfortable. In the case of urine off-site it can be several reasons such as:

  • The most common reason is to mark your territory . Cats, both male and female, but above all, mark a lot of what is yours and one way to do it is with urine. Their urine smells strong and unpleasant, but to them it is something else and contains a high level of pheromones that serves to identify them, attract each other or to achieve the opposite effect keeping them away from possible competitors. Through the urine they know if it is a male or a female and may even know if it is an adult or not. In addition, in the case of marking females, males can thus identify when they are in estrus, among more things that can communicate only with urine.
  • It may be that for them their litter box is too close to their feeding zone and as they are very clean they will not accept using the litter box and urinate in farther places.
  • Another reason is that they do not find their litter box clean enough because they already have some accumulated feces and urine. It may be stress because of some new situation that you have not yet been able to adapt.
  • It may be that the problem is the type of sand we use. Cats are very sensitive with their tastes to things, so it might not suit the smell or texture of the sand we use for their box.
  • You have to check if you can detect more symptoms, because sometimes this behavior is due to some type of illness .
  • If you have several cats, you might not like to share the litter box with your companions , so we should have a litter box for each cat.

How can we prevent cats from urinating out of the litter box?

It is possible to avoid and correct this behavior in domestic felines. Next, we will present to you a number of tips for and vitar that your cat urinates out of place :

  • If you do not want your cat to have his needs indoors and have outside ground for his friend to leave, try to have a cat door so he can get in and out of the house whenever he needs to. Think that if you do not have access to the zone in which you normally do your needs, you will end up doing them where you can. We remind you that in the case of cats that go abroad we must have them properly identified with a microchip and a cat collar with an identification plate, so in case of getting lost we can retrieve it more easily.
  • Make sure your cat’s litter box is always clean enough . As we mentioned before are very clean animals, so if they consider that their litter box is too full they will not want to enter it and will end up doing their needs where they want.
  • If you have several cats and are not satisfied with just a litter box, it is not surprising, as for many of them it is difficult to share this space and will choose to look for a corner. The solution is simple in this case to have a litter box for each cat .
  • You may have to put the litter box in another area of ​​the house , because it could be that if you are in the same room or very close to the food zone where you have your food and water, choose not to make your needs so close and look elsewhere . So putting the sandbox somewhere else may be enough to solve the problem.
  • We must confirm that it is not the sand we use for the box. If our cat does not like the texture or fragrance of the cat litter we use in his litter box, he will easily stop using it and look for more comfortable corners for him. So we should change the type or brand of sand we buy and confirm if this is the cause of this behavior of our cat.
  • If you are suspected of having some type of disease, do not hesitate to go to your trusted veterinarian so that the veterinarian can perform the necessary tests to diagnose and indicate the appropriate treatment. A very frequent disease in this case are the crystals in the urinary tract. It is good that this problem is detected as soon as possible, because it will be much easier to solve it, the longer it takes to go to the veterinarian will become the problem, in addition to other secondary ones. As the disease is being cured, the out-of-place urine problem will also be corrected.
  • It may be that there has been some recent change, however small, in the life of our feline that is causing you stress. One of the most frequent symptoms in cats’ stress is this inappropriate behavior as they are disoriented and nervous. Try to find out what causes stress in your partner and see if you can change this. In case you can not change, we should try to get the cat familiar with positive reinforcement, in addition to consulting the veterinarian to see if you can recommend us something efficient to reduce the stress to our feline.
  • In the case of marking the territory, sterilization usually reduces or eliminates this behavior . Sterilized females will no longer need to call the males, and the castrated males will not look for females in heat or need to mark their territory with strong odors.
  • One way to re-educate your cat to re-use the litter box, having first solved the problem of origin be it stress, illness or whatever, is to put sandboxes at the points you have marked at home .
  • Another widely used and efficient method are cat pheromones like Feliway that are sold in spray and diffuser. Pheromones help reduce or eliminate stress in our friend as well as providing a familiar smell. If you choose the diffuser you should spread it in the area where the cat normally spends more hours, for example in the kitchen, in the living room or in our bedroom. On the contrary, the spray should be sprayed in areas where our partner has marked with urine. First, we must clean these marked areaswith water and alcohol and allow to dry. Products with strong odors such as bleach and ammonia should not be used. Then spray these areas with the pheromone spray daily. The effects may begin to notice in the first week but a month of daily use is not recommended before you know if you are having the desired effect or not. Nowadays, in many veterinary clinics the Feliway pheromone diffuser is used permanently, in this way the cats that go to consultations suffer from less stress.
  • When we see that our furry companion is using the litter box for his needs, instead of continuing to mark the corners of the house, we should expect him to finish and then reward him with a little joke or pampering if he is near the box. sand . Cats do not usually reward them with food, since they do not like to join the area of ​​their needs with food, so we should resort to positive reinforcement with caresses and games. So, little by little we can reinforce the idea that using the litter box is good.

Remember that in the face of such a disorder, the first thing to check is that our feline is not sick. Once discarded the disease or already treated, as we can see is relatively simple to recover the proper behavior of using the litter box. In addition, you must have a lot of patience as it is a process of recovery and learning.

If you want to read the description in the section How to prevent my cat urinating at home , we recommend that you enter our behavior problems section .

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