How to prevent my cat from fleeing

The reasons why a cat has a tendency to escape from home are not always the same, but the street is very dangerous for domestic cats . Adult cats and cats may flee as a result of heat, meaning they want to take a romantic getaway.

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Cats are nocturnal hunters, they are in their blood. What cat can resist a mouse that looks out of the window through the window? These are some examples of why cats like to get away, but they are not the only ones.

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The only effective way to calm the sexual desires of cats and kittens is castration . It may seem cruel, but if we want our cat or cat to have a long and serene existence it is the only solution.

In addition, the proliferation capacity of cats is such that if we let them create without control, our planet would become the planet of cats.

That being the case, nothing can prevent our cat’s love escaping, except surgery. For females there are medications that inhibit estrus, but a permanent medication causes health problems to the cat. For this reason, it is much more advisable to sterilize which furthermore involves many other advantages.

Adventurous hunters

Both cats and cats like to hunt. They are physically, mentally and genetically designed by nature for this purpose.

Make an experiment: if you are sitting on the couch watching the television with the loud volume and your cat remain quiet in the same place, simply scratch the sofa with your nails a little causing a soft noise. You will notice immediately that the cat is alert. He heard a noise similar to what rodents do during their feeding. Despite the volume of the ambient noise, the cat can pick up the noise of his fingers to scratch the sofa. If he continues to make that noise, the cat will locate the source of the noise, and will approach attentively with all his muscles prepared for jump over prey.

Urban cats have almost no such stimulus, but cats living in a rural setting are perfectly prepared to do night hunts in search of prey. So they are so shiny and silky, because they complement their diet of ration with what they hunt.

You can give cloth mice to urban cats so they can stimulate their predatory instinct in the house. Dedicating time to play with our cat is very important to keep you entertained and avoid so look for fun elsewhere.

Bored cats

Cats who are the only pet at home tend to flee more than those who live together in pairs or more. The reason is that a lonely cat is bored much more than two felines that cohabit together and cuddle, play and fight once in a while.

The desire to know different things and escape the daily monotony of walls, schedules, meals and care received, makes some cats want to run away from home.

playmate is ideal for your cat’s pets. Changes in diet, new toys and a little more quality time with it will also be positive.


Cats are not infallible, they also suffer accidents . Jumping from the floor to the edge of a porch can be done easily hundreds of times, but any day can go wrong. If they fall from too high, four floors for example, they usually die, although also they can survive.

If they fall from the first floor, the usual thing is that they survive and are nestled waiting for you to come down to collect it. For a while they will be more careful. Read our article on what to do if that happens .

I have lived with cats for some time, and I have had many experiences, some happy and some sad because of feline errors and errors that have been fatal.

This type of behavior, known as the parachute cat syndrome, is very dangerous and should be avoided with all kinds of measures: nets, grids, fences.

Miss Spock

Miss Spock was the first cat I adopted for my house and my second pet after a guinea pig. Spock was pretty despite having a piggy tail, but he liked to play with it.

It was an extraordinary pet that lived a good life in my house, playing constantly. But everything has an end.

Spock had the habit of perching on a window in a small secondary bathroom. The discharge went up and there with a graceful jump up to the bottom of the window. That window looked out onto an inner patio with ropes that the neighbors used to spread their clothes. Spock loved to watch the ladies spread their clothes.

Every time I saw her I would scold her and close the window. It stopped there for a while, but of course a bathroom window has to be opened from time to time.

One day we ran Spock with a cyst on the belly, and the vet commented that we should not move the cat too much so the stitches did not open. So that weekend we did not take her to our second home as we always did and she was alone at home. We left enough ration, water and sand for the 48 hours we would be out, just as it had happened over and over again.

When we returned, he did not greet us with the frequency so typical of the Siamese. I was surprised that Spock was very affectionate. The whole family began to call for her and to look for her, but without anyone losing her mind. That’s because once we were on vacation and she disappeared more than half a day and we went crazy looking for her, driving all the streets of the city and the surroundings with the car. This time Spock was sleeping curled up inside an empty suitcase inside a closet in my room.

Coming back to the fateful day, I passed the small bathroom and saw the window open. At that moment my skin froze. I looked down and Spock’s small lifeless body was on that dark floor of the inner courtyard.

That weekend was raining. So the edge of the window was slipping. Spock jumped as he did hundreds of times, but the humidity, the sore and the bad luck played against her. They played against the whole family, because in this cruel way we lost Miss Spock, a beloved cat.

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