How to get my little pig from India?

The little pigs of India are very sensitive animals with very delicate bones. Most little pigs tend to jump out of your lap when you’re putting it back in his cage. These jumps can have as origin serious injuries in the bones and sometimes until the death of the little pig. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to properly pick up your piglet from India . YourCatCareguide will explain you step by step how to do it without risk of hurting your pet!

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Steps to follow:

First of all, you should get your little piggy from India to be handled and petted from a puppy. The sooner the little pig gets used to the human presence and the more they touch him, the less nervous and fearful he will be each time you pick him up. As a consequence, it will also be safer and it will not try to escape from your hands , which is often the main reason for accidents.

Most guinea pigs do not like being caught if they are not used to it, so they get scared and jump. You should pick up the little piggy so that his back is resting on his hand . Start by catching him by placing his pelvic area resting on his hand.


Use the other hand to support the chest area, thereby supporting the front paws.

If your little piggy is very nervous, place one of your fingers on his front paws so as to prevent him from trying to push to jump forward.

A good tip in the case of very nervous little pigs in India who struggle enough to be released by the time they are put back in the cage is to hold it well by putting it back into the cage. Do not drop it immediately: hold it firmly within a few inches of the floor of the cage and do not lay it on the floor while it squirms . When he calms down, then let him go. This method will avoid typical jumping injuries, which can be dangerous even if just inches from the ground.


Never take your little piggy by the neck or armpits! As we have already mentioned, picking up your guinea pig in the wrong way can cause serious physical injury to him.


Very young children should not take the piglet from India on their lap because it is too risky. When children already have hands and arms of sufficient size to properly support guinea pigs, they should be taught by an adult to do so properly and safely. It is important that you monitor the interaction of the child and the pig , to ensure that everything goes well and decrease the chances of injury.


The little pigs of India learn to like receiving affections in the back and towards the hair . You should avoid cuddling in the anti-hairline and avoid the nose and eye region, since most pigs do not like to be petted in these areas. Anyway, all the little pigs are different and you should try to get to know your guinea pig and realize what she likes or not.


You should be very careful if you put the guinea pig on some furniture or sofa. A little distraction may cause you not to go in time to prevent a fall. As we have already mentioned, falls are one of the most common accidents with guinea pigs and their fragile bones make most falls have quite serious consequences.

Not all little pigs like to be held in their lap . If your piggy does not like it, it is best to respect it and stroke it directly in the cage or on the floor when you release it. Some little pigs cuddle for hours, while others start complaining after 10 minutes. Invest time to know the personality of your little pig. If you respect his likes and dislikes, you will increase your bond and improve your relationship.

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