How to move a dog from a dog in heat

It is normal for bitches in heat to attract many males willing to breed offspring. However, if you are trying to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, this can become uncomfortable.

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If you are looking for tricks to learn how to fend off a dog’s dogs in heat , in this article of ExpertAnimal we will give you some useful advice that you can use in the tours and to make everyday life more positive.

Keep reading and discover our recommendations to spend two or three weeks of the heat of your bitch without the presence of males.

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Steps to follow:

If you have a house with garden, you are likely to allow your dog to go out freely to exercise and do his / her needs, sometimes without supervision. It can also happen if you live on a low floor on a quiet street. So what you should do at this point is to stop her from going out without you .

During estrus you should prevent the dog from going outside without you, otherwise some dogs will approach the area attracted by the smell . In addition to trying to get to your bitch to mate, they may start urinating on their doors, as well as on the exterior walls of their home.


It is very important to regularly clean your home. Although you can not tell, the smell that this bitch’s sexual cycle has is very eye catching for any male in the area, do not forget that dogs have a very powerful nose.


In addition, you should rely on panties or diapers for the heat for your dog. Changing them regularly is key to avoiding the bad smell. You can even wipe a damp baby washcloth by the area when changing it.


If possible, think about changing your dog’s ride times , taking advantage of the calmer hours of the day: first thing in the morning, after lunch or late at night is often the best time. Choose quiet places , this way you will not have males approaching your bitch.

There are anti-odor sprays as well as chlorophyll sprays that are marketed as remedies to alleviate the odor that the bitch’s pheromones produce. However, you should always consult with your veterinarian to use different products.


Do not use heat-inhibiting injections . These hormone compounds work quickly by ending this phase of the estrous cycle. However, its prolonged use is not recommended as it may favor obesity as well as some health problems. It is usually used on bitches that are too young to be operated on.

The same applies to pills to avoid heat in bitches. This type of medicine usually has cancer-related side effects.


The last advice we offer you to remove dogs from a bitch in heat is the sterilization or castration of the dog . There are many advantages of neutering a bitch , as well as being a very simple operation, it will prevent uncomfortable situations of heat, as well as unwanted diseases and behavior changes. In addition, you’ll be helping the dogs not to end up on the street.

Either way, you should be aware, because a castrated bitch can get into heat . If this happens, most likely she has a problem called the remaining ovary syndrome and you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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