How to moisturize my dog’s skin

By discarding the possibility of an illness we can start using some tricks to moisturize the dog’s skin. It is always preferable to use natural remedies since chemical compounds can have side effects.

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However, some products made by professionals can be of great help in treating dryness effectively. Remember that it is very important to identify why the dog has dry skin before starting any kind of home treatment.

Here are several ways to know how to moisturize your dog’s skin effectively.

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Appropriate feed

The first advice will be to temporarily modify your diet to better produce the natural fat skin bed. Fish feed, a few drops of olive oil three times a week, and egg once a week will naturally regenerate your skin and show a shiny coat.

You can also ask your veterinarian about the administration of essential oils Omega 3 and Omega 6. Remember that rations and pates of very poor quality can lead to poor digestion and other problems related to the health of the animal.

You can also make delicious fruit and vegetable snacks for carrot, sweet potato or pumpkin puppies .

Stimulation of the skin

Although it sounds like a little helpful advice the truth is that caressing your dog stimulates your dermis and therefore its natural layer of fat. In addition to trying to mitigate your problem will be improving your relationship and making you enjoy a few extra minutes.

Protect it from the cold

If you see that your dog shakes with cold when it takes to the street with him, probably is going cold, one of the causes of the dryness of the skin. Avoid this situation by using a doggie jacket.

At YourCatCareguide you can find some pet clothing ideas that you can use for your pet. There are currently very original and creative pieces.

Dog shampoo with dry skin

Abusing the bath is one of the causes that can make your dog’s skin dry. This is because we eliminate your natural protection from the skin. You should inquire about the time you should pass between each bath. In addition, you should use a dog-specific shampoo with dry skin .

You can also make a dog shampoo with dry skin at home using oatmeal, a soothing product much used for the care of the dermis.

Conditioner for dogs with dry skin

Like other products used for people’s hair, in the market we find conditioners that moisturize and give an extra to our dog’s hair. You can find them in any trade and apply it after the shampoo .

Most conditioners should be allowed to stand for at least 15 minutes . Then rinse with plenty of water to remove remaining debris.

Regular Hair Care

Obviously the use of other remedies makes no sense if we do not pay particular attention to the dog’s hair. Brush regularly to prevent dust accumulation, dirtiness and dandruff .

Olive oil in the affected region

Applying olive oil to dry skin will not pose any problem since it is a naturally occurring product with strong moisturizing properties. However, its use can cause oil stains on your bed, on the floor and even on the walls.

Fresh water

Although it may seem obvious, your dog should drink plenty of fresh water to help moisturize his internal tissues, something that will also affect his skin.

Limit your exposure to the sun

although the sun is very beneficial to the health of the animals, an excessive exposure can cause burns and irritation. Hairless dogs are the first to suffer in these situations. The ideal is to walk with them in the coolest hours.

Consult the veterinarian

Each skin problem may need a specific treatment depending on the dog suffering the problem. The advice we give you is an extra to the care of your hair, but to effectively treat this problem the best option is undoubtedly to see a specialist .

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