How to Make Cat Toys with Cardboard

Play behavior is essential for the well-being of cats. Did you know that in the wild, cats spend 40% of their time hunting ? That is why it is so important for the cat to play, since it is the only way that indoor cats have to express this natural behavior.

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The toys allow to occupy and entertain the cats for several hours thus reducing the number of hours spent in more sedentary behaviors.

Nowadays, there are many toys available in the petshops that cats love! However, a great alternative is to make cat toys with cardboard . Felines love it, and in addition to saving you, you’ll be recycling. Everyone wins, the cat, you and the environment! For this reason, YourCatCareguide brought together the 6 easy ideas. Get the stuff ready and make these cat toysright now!

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1- Cardboard Labyrinth

This is a very fun toy especially if you have several cats! You do not need almost anything:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Scissors

Did you make changes recently and have a lot of cardboard boxes there to recycle ? It is time to give them usefulness. You just need the boxes all the same size . Just cut the top of all the boxes and put together! If desired, you can also glue the boxes together with glue or tape to make the frame more stable.

Cats LOVE boxes. It will be as fun for them as it is for you who watches them. You can even make a funny video of your cats jumping from box to box and hiding, thinking that no one can see them.

2- Cardboard tunnel

As you know, cats love to hide! Although a tunnel made with cardboard boxes has the disadvantage of being fixed compared to pet shops, it has a great advantage, it costs almost ZERO ! Your kitten will love this toy, so go get the cardboard boxes you have to play outside or ask at a store or supermarket near your house that they always have boxes they no longer need.

You only need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Scotch tape
  3. Three or four medium boxes.

It’s quite simple to tunnel. You just need to cut the sides of all the boxes to ensure the connection between them and tape them together so they do not come loose. The boxes must be large enough for the cat to pass without squeezing.

If you want, you can make a round hole in the top of some of the boxes, so the kitten has one more door in the tunnel.

3- Paper Roller Ball

Generally, kittens prefer smaller toys . Do you know why? Because they look more like prey . Cats that do not leave the house and have no possibility to hunt, mainly, treat their toys as if they were prey because they do not distinguish the behavior of hunting with the one of joke.

Do you have a bunch of rolls of toilet paper or paper towels packed and ready to recycle? Perfect! Go get a roll that only takes 1 minute to make a toy with which your kitten will delirious.

Again, the material for this easy toy is only:

  1. Toilet paper roll
  2. Scissors

Take the roll and cut five rings. Now you only have to entwine the five rings to form a ball. To further stimulate the cat, put some reward inside the ball like catnip , ration, or something he likes very much.

4- Beaver stake

This toy is very interesting because it promotes the natural behavior of hunting.

You just need to get:

  1. A box of shoes or pizza
  2. Scissors
  3. Ping-pong or rubber ball

Make several round holes at the top and side of the box , should be wide enough that the cat’s paw between no problems. Put the ball into the box and move the box so that the cat notices something inside. This toy is very stimulating for cats, it will feel like you are hunting inside these holes.

5- Surprise Scroll

For this toy, you only need one paper roll ! Put some candy or catnip into the roll and fold the ends together. Your kitten will not give up until you figure out how to get the reward from the roll. It’s a very simple idea but it can entertain your kitten for a while.

6- Pyramid

What do you think of building a pyramid with the paper rolls that are piling up in the bathroom?


  1. Rolls of toilet paper
  2. Cola
  3. Sheet of paper or cardboard (optional)
  4. Rewards (treats or catnip)

Mount a pyramid with the rolls of paper. Use glue to join the rollers and hold the pyramid firmly. You can cover one side with paper or cardboard so that the cat can only access from one side of the pyramid. Put some of the little pieces of ration or other treats that your cat will like.

Toys for home cats

These are just some ideas for homemade cat toys and easy and with little material . You can use your imagination and build thousands of other toys for your cat with recyclable material .

Sometimes a simple cardboard box is enough to amuse your cat for hours . However, all cats have different personalities and tastes. The important thing is you try out different types of toys to get to know your cat better and what he likes best.

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Have you tried out any of these cardboard toys and your best friend loved them? Send us a picture of your little one having fun!

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