How to make the dog stop barking

The dog’s ceaseless barking, whether alone, at night or at night, seems to be a problem faced by many dog ​​tutors.

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Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and it is normal for them to start barking when they encounter another dog walking down the street or a cat on the wall, however, if you are experiencing difficulties with your dog due to bad sleeping or having to deal with complaints from neighbors , see here at YourCatCareguide, how to make the dog stop barking .

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How to make the dog stop barking when alone

As we are not always at home to raise the dog when it is barking too much, we often only realize that it has become a problem when some neighbor appears to complain. Also, if the problem of the bark is not solved, in addition to generating more stress to the tutor, it becomes a danger to the dog, because this type of situation can culminate in the poisoning of the dog, if you have an ignorant neighbor.

First of all it is crucial to find out why, or what the dog is barking at. Dogs may bark for various reasons and one of them is just because they are feeling bored and stressed out by being alone, without any type of activity or stimulation with which to keep busy throughout the day. In this other article of YourCatCareguide we teach how to Avoid the barking of the dog when alone .

How to make the dog stop barking when I go out to work

I have to be honest when I say that in most of the problems of intermittent barking, it is the guardian’s fault. Think for a moment if you would like to be locked up all day at home with nothing to do, as it is the same with your dog.

Dogs are animals with lots of energy to spend and when they stay at home without any kind of activity to be entertained, they often discount that energy does not spend as frustration, then developing the undesirable behavioral problems being the main one of them, the beats excessive.

You see, it’s completely normal for a dog to bark, because the same way we talk to communicate, this is how dogs communicate not only with each other, but with us as well. In YourCatCareguide, we have a very interesting article about what the different dogs’ heartbeats mean in Dogbeat, what does it mean?

What is not normal, however, is when the dog starts to bark at nothing, or at the signal of any minor movement whatsoever. This is a sign of a stressed and frustrated dog. With this in mind, it is best that your dog take daily walks in order to expend that energy for about 1 hour, combined with training and conditioning exercises so that it stops barking.

If you go out to work every day, and do not have enough time to devote to your dog, you can try the following:

  • Hire a Dog Walker , or dog walker, who can take your dog for daily walks and still train him by positive reinforcement so he stops barking. You will notice the immense difference in your dog’s behavior at the end of a week and will no longer be able to live without a Dog Walker.
  • Veja a possibilidade de colocar seu cachorro em uma Day Care, ou creche para cães. Lugares assim possuem pessoal treinado e local próprio para que seu cachorro mantenha-se entretido e brincando o dia todo, de forma que quando ele chegar em casa, estará plenamente satisfeito e cansado, facilitando o adestramento. A dica principal aqui é a de que cães cansados por uma série de exercícios bem feitos com disciplina e foco, obedecem mais facilmente a comandos de treinamento, mesmo quando o tutor não possui muita experiência.
  • Agility Training : Some daycare centers or dog walkers can still offer this much-used exercise mode for agile and sporting dog breeds. It is a track with several obstacles that the dog must pass in record time. Quite practiced in the United States, it is still little known in Brazil, but it is extremely beneficial to dogs.v

How to make the dog stop beating at dawn

If your dog spends the night and dawn barking to nothing, the problem goes even further. For besides the dog spending the day doing nothing, the night when the tutor arrives, the dog also does not receive the due attention, since the tutor spent the day working and is tired.

If you really love your pet, no matter how tired you are, take at least 1 hour a day to spend time with him, or keep him close to you until you go to bed.

For the dog to stop barking at dawn, you can apply the same tips as above by hiring a Dog Walker or enrolling your dog in a day care so that when you and he get home you can spend more time together. And since he will be tired from the full day he has, he will sleep for the rest of the night until the next day, and stop beating at dawn.

How to make the dog stop barking when it arrives visit

When it comes to dogs that bark when a visit arrives , the ceaseless barking can have two basic reasons: that the dog is not satisfied with the presence of the visitor and so is showing that it is their territory, even a dog that does not bites can exhibit this dominance behavior through the bark, or when a dog is too needy and when it arrives some visitor barks just to get attention.

Whatever the reason, you can try some dressage exercises at home , and if he knows some basic commands like “sit,” it makes the process easier for you. As soon as a visitor arrives, ask for some patience and explain that you are in the training phase with your dog. It would even be interesting to practice this exercise with a friend or close relative on a daily basis for about 20 to 30 minutes until your dog is conditioned and finally learns not to bark for visits. To make the dog stop barking when a visit arrives , follow these steps:

  1. When the visitor arrives, hold your dog and calm him, invite the visitor to come in and ask her to ignore the dog’s presence.
  2. Use snacks and positive reinforcement so he does not can it while he’s stuck, make him sit down and give him a snack so he just concentrates on you.
  3. If it is not barking, loosen it and have a snack.
  4. The guest should let the dog approach without caressing it yet.
  5. Now let loose, if he does not bark for the person give him a snack. In case he can for the guest diverts his attention, making him sit until he is calm again and only then, if he stays quiet give the snack.

Do not use water splashing or loud noises for some unwanted behavior, this can make your dog even more insecure and fearful, and can result in even more behavioral problems. Remember that the key to good behavior is a dog with a healthy and confident temperament.

How to make the neighbor’s dog stop barking

If the problem is the neighbor’s dog that does not stop barking, then the first thing to do is to talk frankly with him , explaining not only the situation but also explaining that this type of behavior is not healthy for the dog, as being a dog lover, you now know that excessive barking is a sign that the dog is stressed and in need of professional intervention.

Trying to talk to your neighbor does not cost anything, and sometimes we are surprised at the goodness of the people, after all, your neighbor may also be facing nights barely sleeping because of the barking and only need an orientation as to what to do.

Other tips you can follow to make the neighbor’s dog stop barking are:

  • If possible try to observe the dog and find out what makes it bark, and as long as it is within reach eliminate the focus of the bark. For example, if you have a cat that likes to stand on the fence and noticed that the dog barks at the cat, keep your cat indoors.
  • Try to make friends with the dog so that he has confidence in you, that way you can try some basic commands even from a distance.
  • Talk to the dog’s guardian and ask for permission so that you can train the dog yourself.

Whistle to make the dog stop barking

The dog whistle is a training tool, not a miracle weapon against the barking. Then, to make the dog stop barking with the whistle, he will also need exercises, training and discipline, until he learns that at the sound of the whistle, he must stop what he is doing and start paying attention to the tutor.

It is possible to teach the dog different forms of whistling and sounds, each sound for a different command to be followed. The whistle can aid in training, as it can reach possible frequencies to be heard by dogs up to 3 kilometers away depending on terrain and weather conditions. In addition, it is widely used by coaches to call their dogs over long distances if they know how to answer the whistle’s call.

If you want to read the similar articles in How to make the dog stop barking , we recommend that you enter our behavior problems section .


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