How To Make Cats Toys

Cats play as long as they are puppies and throughout their lives. Play behavior is normal and very important for cat welfare. Did you know that play behavior is seen in colonies cats even when they are malnourished? [1]

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For this reason, it is very important that cats have many toys at home that stimulate this natural behavior. In the case of cats that live alone (no other cats), toys have an even more important role, since they do not have other four-legged friends to play with and need more motivation to play alone.

You should choose toys that stimulate the intellectual abilities of the cat and toys that stimulate physical exercise (especially for those chubby ones who just want to move when it’s time to go eat and prefer to stay on their lap or on the sofa all day without wiggling a paw ). The obesity is a very common problem in domestic cats and has dire consequences for their health.

There are thousands of toys available in the market for cats. But we all know that cats are not too fussy to play and a simple box or a ball can make them happy for hours! In addition to having appropriate toys to stimulate their intellectual capacities, such as interactive toys or food dispensers, it is important for you to vary in the supply of toys for them. What is better than a toy made by yourself, without spending a real one and that allows you to entertain the cat for long hours? In addition, if it destroys, no problem, you do it again!

YourCatCareguide has put together some of the best, easiest and cheapest ideas for making cat toys ! Keep reading!

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Toys that cats like

We know how frustrating it is to buy those very expensive toys for our cat and then he does not call any. How do you know which toys cats like ? The truth is it depends on feline for feline, but what is certain is that most cats love the simplest things like a rolled up ball of paper or a simple cardboard box .

Why not enjoy the simple taste of cats when it comes to playing and making cheap cat toys ? Surely you are already tired of making the typical paper balls and would like to do something equally simple but more original. ExpertAnimal has put together the best ideas!

Cork stoppers

Cats love to play with cork stoppers! The next time you open a good wine, enjoy the cork and make a toy for your cat. An excellent option is to boil water in a pan with a little catnip inside. When boiling, place a sieve (with the corks inside), over the pan, and let the water boil for 3 to 5 minutes for the corks to absorb the water vapors with catnip

After drying, use a pin and wipe one or two strands of wool through the cork! You can do this with several corks and wool of different colors! If you have access to other materials, use your imagination. An alternative is the colorful feathers that fascinate felines.

Now that you have this idea, start saving all the corks! Your bigeye will love it and your wallet too! Also, the hint of boiling water with catnip will make your cat delirious with these corks!

Toys for cats with recyclable material

A great way to recycle already useless objects is to make toys for your feline best friend! YourCatCareguide thought of an idea to give utility to all the socks that have lost their soul mate!

You just need to pick up the stocking (washed clear) and put the roll card toilet paper inside with a little catnip. Tie a knot at the top of the sock and you’re done! You can use your imagination and use your artistic gifts to decorate your socks as you wish. Can put some newspaper or plastic bag inside, felines love these little noises.

Your cat will be happier with this stocking than Dobby was when Harry Potter gave him his!

See more ideas of cat toys with recyclable material in our article on this subject.

How to Make Homemade Cat Scratchers

As you know, felines need to sharpen their claws. For this reason, it is essential for the cat’s welfare to have one or more scrapers . There are different types of scrapers available in pet shops, it is best to choose the one that best suits your cat’s taste.

If your cat is in the habit of scratching the sofa , it’s time to teach him how to use the scraper .

A very simple idea to make a scraper (and that will look beautiful in your room) is to use a cone of transit of those oranges. You only need :

  • traffic cone
  • rope
  • scissors
  • pom-pom (further on we’ll explain how to make a mini pom-pom)
  • white spray paint (optional)

To make it look nicer, start by painting the cone with white paint. After drying (all night) you just have to glue the string around the cone, starting from the base to the top. As you reach the top, place a pom-pom hanging by a string and finish pasting the rope. Now just let the glue dry for another few hours and you’re done!

If you would like to make a more complex scraper, from those sold in pet shops at a very high price, see our article explaining step-by-step how to make a home scraper .

Tunnel for cats

In our article on how to make toys for cats with a cardboard box we have already explained how to make a tunnel for cats with boxes.

This time we thought of the idea of making a triple tunnel , ideal for those who have more than one cat!

All you have to do is get those giant cardboard tubes that are sold in industrial stores. Cut out as you like and glue velcro fabric to make them more comfortable for the cat and look more beautiful. Do not forget to apply a very strong adhesive to keep the three tubes together and stable.

Now just watch the cats have fun in their construction and who knows even sleeping a nap after hours of play!

Mini pom-pom

Another great idea is to make a pom-pom for your cat to play with! They love to play with balls and some cats even learn to bring the ball like the dogs .

All you need is a wool ball, a fork and a pair of scissors! Follow the steps of the picture, easier was impossible. If your cat likes it, it can make several different colors. Make even an extra to take in the house of that friend who has a kitten too!

You can add this idea to that of the corks and paste the pom-pom into the cork, it’s really cool. If you have children, show them this picture so they can make the toy themselves. Thus, children are amused to make toys and cat at play time.

Did you make any of these cat toys?

If you liked these ideas and have already put them into practice, share photos of your inventions in the comments. We want to see your adaptations of these toys!

Which one did your cat like best? Did not you drop the cork stopper or was it the lonely half who fell in love with you?

If you have other unique ideas of easy and economical toys share too! Thus, you will help other tutors to further improve the environmental enrichment of their cats and instead of contributing to the happiness of just your cat, contributes to that of many others as well!

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