How to make a happy cat? 10 steps essential!

Many people think that cats, because of their more independent nature compared to dogs, do not need much to be happy. But everyone who has one or more felines knows how much they need us, though not always so.

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Just give water, food and home to him? No! Cats need a lot more to be happy in our homes.

If you love unconditionally your feline and he is already part of the family, surely you have already wondered about how to make a cat happy ! YourCatCareguide wrote this article summarizing 10 essential tips to ensure that your pet has everything they need to be happy by their side! Keep reading!

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Steps to follow:

Proper nutrition is the key to well-being

Like us and all other animals, cats need to be well nourished to feel good. Proper nutrition for the cat’s nutritional needs is essential to prevent a number of common cat diseases.

If you choose a commercial ration, choose the best quality . There are several scientific studies that prove that a good diet improves the general state of the cat, hair quality, etc. Sometimes, some options compared to others of inferior quality in the market may seem too expensive. But if you have that possibility, what investment can be better than what you do in the health of your four-legged best friend? Moreover, in the long term, it is economically advantageous to think of the trips to the veterinarian that you will avoid if your cat’s health is unbeatable!

Remember to match the amount of daily food to your feline’s specific needs. One of the main problems in flat cats is obesity . Proper diet is one of the main points to avoid this problem.

Do not forget the main point in preventing kidney diseases so common in cats: water! Have fresh water always available . The ideal is to distribute several pots of water around the house. The more you motivate your cat to drink water, the better! Some cats are very peculiar in regard to water and refuse to drink from the pot and ask all the time to drink from the tap. Buying a cat’s own water source is a good investment in your feline’s health if it is difficult to drink water.

Do not neglect feline health.

Periodic visits to your trusted veterinarian are essential to prevent the most common diseases in cats .

You must respect the schedule of vaccination defined by the veterinarian, as well as the internal and external worming. Never use products that are not specific to cats and without the advice of the veterinarian. Many tutors, without malice, choose to wipe cats at home with dog products. Unfortunately, many products are highly toxic to cats and may even cause animal death if they do not receive medical attention in time.

In addition to regular visits to the veterinarian to ensure vaccination and deworming , always consult your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your feline. Sometimes a minor behavioral change can be caused by a physiological problem that at first sight you do not detect but that the veterinarian is trained and has the means to do so.

If you do not want to breed your feline, whether male or female, castrate! The castration has numerous benefits . For example, in cats, in addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancies, the probability of having breast cancer is reduced by about 95%.


Hygiene is the most important thing for cats

You’ve certainly noticed how many hours your cat goes by licking. Cleaning is essential for the cat’s well-being. The cats can not bear dirt in their hair or a disorganized coat.

The same applies to their sandbox. It must always be clean! If you arrive in the bathroom and the toilet is dirty what is the first thing you do? Pull the flush! The cat can not do that and for these animals, the dirty litter box can be the main cause to start making needs all over the house . For your sake and yours, keep the litter clean !

Relativamente à higiene do pelo do gato, escovar o gato diariamente é muito benéfico também, principalmente se for um gato de pelo longo. A escovagem é a maneira mais eficaz de evitar bolas de pelo em gatos.


Respect your pet

The cats have distinct personalities . There are more sociable cats and more solitary cats that, for example, hide when people come. You should not force the cat when he is scared! Respect his space and wait for him to come to you !

Some cats do not like to be caught in the lap, for example, why force it? The more you force it, the worse it will feel at your side, as it will begin to associate you with negative feelings. The cats have an excellent memory , both for good and for bad!

Start by trying to figure out what your kitten likes the most. Some cats prefer caresses on the head, others on the back. With time and patience you will be conquering your cat, avoiding what he does not like. You will see that in time he will come closer and closer to you!

You must also respect his sleep. Do you know how many hours a cat needs to sleep a day ? About 15 hours! That’s exactly what you’re reading, so the pranks he makes throughout the day are essential for him and for him to be happy!


Learn to understand his language

Cats have a specific body language that they use to communicate with each other and with humans as well. Unfortunately, we still do not know how to speak “cats”. So this is the only way we can communicate with our cats.

Leia o nosso artigo completo sobre a linguagem corporal dos gatos e aprenda a interpretar aquilo que o seu pet está sentindo ou tentando dizer para você! Como em qualquer relação, a comunicação é a base de um bom relacionamento e com certeza se você aprender a compreender o seu gato conseguirá fazer com que ele seja muito mais feliz!


Increase environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is very important to ensure the psychological well-being of your cat. That is, if your cat lives in an apartment, he needs to have toys that stimulate him physically and psychologically.

Cats, hunters by nature, need to be able to express their natural behavior through games that simulate hunting. You do not need to spend streams of money to make your cat happy and keep you entertained! You can make toys with cardboard, you can recycle materials. There are numerous toys that are easy to make and economical !


Choose the best cat litter and sand

Most people think they just have to put the litter and sand and they do not need to think about it anymore. But this is not so! Some cats have very particular preferences , even in relation to the type of box and the type of sand.

After all what is the best litter box for cats ? There is no linear answer to this question. What the experts advise is that it is at least 1.5 times the size of the cat, allowing him to take those turns on himself before urinating the defecate. In addition, according to experts, the best sandboxes are the breakthroughs! Read our full article on that matter!

The choice of sand is also very important! Did you know that some cats refuse to urinate and / or defecate in certain types of sand ? Your cat may not be refusing, but the sand you are using may not be the best for him. Read our article on the best sanitary sand for cats and choose a sand that will make your cat happier when it comes to making his needs!


Adapt the number of litter boxes to the number of cats

Do you have more than one feline? Did you know you should have more than one box? That’s right. According to experts in feline behavior, the ideal is to have n + 1 boxes, being in the number of cats. That is, if you have two cats, the ideal would be to have 3 litters of sand.

Read our full article on how many litters per cat , to know everything that experts say about it.


Use positive reinforcement techniques

Cats can also be trained! The positive reinforcement in cats is the ideal method for you to teach your cat to have certain behaviors. Positive reinforcement consists of rewarding the catwith appropriate treats or affection whenever it demonstrates certain attitudes that you consider positive. Through positive reinforcement, you can teach him to give his paw , use the scratcher and prevent him from destroying his sofas! In addition, training is a great way to boost cat stimulation, contributing to his psychological well-being, and improving your relationship with both of you!


Do not skimp on affection!

Lastly, do not skimp on the caresses! Pamper your cat a lot whenever he has positive attitudes. Do not ignore him when he looks for you. Sometimes we are too busy with our problems and involved in our day-to-day tasks, and we inadvertently disparage attempts to interact with our pets. Most cats, unlike dogs, are not looking for us all the time. We must always enjoy that they want our company and care.

Do not be ashamed to show your love for your feline. Loving our pets is all good! After all, is there a better company than theirs?

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