How to Make a Dog House Step by Step

If you have a garden, surely you have already planned more than once to build a dog house. It is normal to worry about the comfort of your pet, it is one of the most important points to make your dog happy.

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If you are not sure where to start, do not worry, we show you how to do this work so that you can build the ideal little house for your dog.

All the materials you need, advice and more. Continue reading this article from your favorite animated site on how to make a dog house step by step.

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Preparation before the construction of the dog house

Before I get to work, I would like to tell you this: Creating a haven for your dog is a fantastic detail, but that does not mean that your dog does not spend time with you. Although it has its space, the ideal would be that you could enter freely at home during the day. Do not forget that the if pet is a member of the family.

There are owners who think that just because the dog is in a garden, is already content and entertained. That is not true. In fact, there are many cases of pets that can never leave the garden, and for this very reason, suffer from separation anxiety .

Where to put the dog’s house?

Set the house south . It is an important detail, since your pet will be more sheltered from the winter air currents.

Another point to keep in mind is where you should put the little house. Must be a dog’s unique place, its zone. In deciding where to put it, the ideal is to observe where you usually lie in the garden, this indicates that drop from that place.

Build a cheap puppy house

The price to build your puppy’s retreat will depend on the materials you use. Not only should you buy wood (the recommended thickness is one and a half centimeters), but you will also have to use the following materials:

  • Ink or anti-humidity oils (never toxic)
  • Screwdriver
  • Galvanized Screws
  • Silicone
  • Strawberries for tupia
  • Brushes and brushes
  • Varnish
  • Asphalt blanket
  • Saw

Do not forget that you always have the option of buying the house already ready. There are wooden and plastic houses on the market. The best choice are those of wood that will protect and insulate better from the cold. The advantage of plastic ones is that they are easier to clean.

You can also search the internet, surely you will find many sites where they sell second hand dog houses .

Now we can build a dog house step by step.

1. Small or small dog house

Before you start building, the first thing you should think about is the size that the cottage will have. In order for the house to be pleasant for the dog, it must be neither too big nor too small .

That it is not small is obvious. How can you evaluate the size? Think that your dog should be able to go around inside without any problem.

Maybe he thought the bigger the better. No, it can not be too large because it will not generate a warm environment inside. Do not forget that one of the goals of creating this refuge is so that your pet is protected from the cold and the rain.

2. Assess the importance of the

The base is one of the fundamental points of a good house. If you had in mind not having a base, you should know that it will not protect your dog well. Think a second. In this way, it ends up sleeping on the floor, with the cold and the humidity that surrounds it, not to mention that it can rain.

What should you evaluate when building the base of your dog’s house?

The insulation: the ideal would be that it could isolate the floor with cement or concrete. Always look for materials that are impermeable .

Base Height: It is not a good idea to build the dog’s house at ground level, this allows moisture to enter and if it rains too much it can even get flooded.

The measures of the house always depend on the size of the dog . Here is an orientation in this direction:

  • Length: 1.5 times the length of the dog (without the tail)
  • Width: 3/4 of the length of the dog (without the tail)
  • Height: More or less 1/4 higher than the height of the dog to the head.

3. Buy the woods

If you have the right tools, you can buy the boards and cut them yourself.

  • Recommendation : First draw the sketch of each wall or board you need on paper. Then, when you are safe, draw this sketch on the wood.

If you do not have a saw or saw, do the paper sketch and go to a carpentry to cut the wood.

In Animal Expert, we recommend that you build a house with two-roofed roof (other than flat). In this way, if it rains the water will fall to the ground.

To do this, you must cut two planks corresponding to the entrance and the back wall should end in a triangle. All in one board, never in two.

  • Tip: The size of the entrance is very important. If you make it too large you will let the heat out and you lose the warm environment we discussed earlier.

4. Lift the walls of the house

To mount the walls you simply have to apply silicone to the corners of the pieces. To reinforce the support use screws.

It is always good that the interior parts of the walls, for reasons of hygiene, have a layer of varnish.

  • Tip : If you want to give more strength and support you can use metal hinges in the corners. screw them into the corners of the walls.

5. Place the ceiling

You already have the four walls of your dog’s new home, now all you need to do is mount the roof.

As we did with the walls, we put some hinges on the inner walls of the front and rear triangles (in the middle). In this way, when installing the roof you can screw on these hinges.

  • Recommendation : When placing the roof, take care that the boards are at a 90-degree angle. This will prevent the creation of a channel where water can be infiltrated. Another solution would be to put a tape between the planks of the ceiling.

To reinforce the roof you can use various materials such as an asphalt blanket or tar paper.

6. Paint and customize the dog’s house

Buy an ink that supports humidity and weather changes, such as oil or synthetic enamel. Create a good mattress with cushions so your dog has extra comfort and warmth. Do not forget to also put some of your toys in the little house.

If you have children or like to paint, you can decorate the walls. Try to make the little house one more element well incorporated in your garden. Try to draw flowers, trees, etc.

If you have left wood and are very good for these jobs you can also saw each letter in wood and then stick it in your dog’s house.

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