How to make a cat stop mewing

The cats like to meow all the time, because after all is the way they have to ask for attention and to communicate with us or with the environment.

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Most of the time we find it funny and fun, but the worst thing is if your cat is mewing all night. So it will not be so funny or fun anymore. And how can we make a cat stop crying ? Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and learn some tips with us.

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Discover why he is lying

Please answer any of these questions:

  • Is your cat hungry?
  • Do you want to go out?
  • Wants to play?
  • Is not it?
  • Did you take any medication?

In order to solve the problem, you must know the reason you are mewing . There is no magic system that will stop you from mewing, so you have to start from the root, which is to know the problem you have and that makes you grow up. It is also important to examine your cat’s body language to see if it is related to meows.

Along with mewing, body language is the key to understanding what the cat wants or needs and why it is trying to catch your eye.

Solutions to keep you from mewing

Depending on why you are tearing up, we should follow one solution or another. In this article we will give you the 5 most common solutions to these problems:

  1. Sterilize or castrate your cat . Cats usually mew to attract other cats, while cats do it to respond to them or to tell their owners “let me out.” If your cat or cat is constantly mewing because it wants to go out and can hear that there are other cats in your area making the same noise, castrating or sterilizing it may be the solution.
  2. Clean your litter box more often. Cats are very clean and do not like that their litter box is dirty. In fact, they will not even use it if it is a bit dirty because they do not like to make their needs on the stained sand. It may be that the motive of your meows is because the box is dirty, although it does not seem to you. To avoid this problem, clean the box every night and go check it a few times a day to see if it is clean.
  3. Have fun and wear it with games . Sometimes we believe that cats do not need to play because they are not dogs, but it is not so. Little cats need to exercise, get bored and have fun to be happy. If they get very upset and approach their toys it may mean that they want to play with them. Buy him toys that challenge his intelligence, play with him a lot every day and, in this way, he will be able to tire you and make you not hurt so much. You can also think about adopting a friend for him at an animal shelter.
  4. Leave him food and water on a set schedule . The routine is essential for your cat to get used to eating at a certain time. If you do not, your cat may want to eat at 9 am, 7 pm or 4 am. Set a time and always leave some water and some food at night, this way you will prevent me from waking up and asking for food.
  5. If you persist, take it to the vet . If your cat very strong mia could be suffering from some health problem. When it’s repetitive, it hurts a lot and the intensity and volume of the meow is not normal, you should take it to your veterinarian.

Prevention is always better than cure. What other advice do you recommend to make a cat stop itching? Does your cat feed me a lot for some reason we do not refer here? Leave us a comment so we can help resolve this.

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