How to know if the dog will grow big?

When we talk about mixed dogs or mutt, we are usually talking about a dog whose ancestry is unknown and which has characteristics of two or more races. These puppies are usually the fruit of non-selective crosses and can be as good companions as the puppies of a specific breed.

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Due to numerous factors, highlighting the great genetic variability, there are innumerable advantages of adopting a mutt dog and it is important to stress this point since, unfortunately, mutts are often seen as inferior to the breed puppies. If you are thinking of adopting a pooch and are wondering how to know if the dog will grow big , read this article from ExpertAnimal.

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How to know the size of the mutt dog?

Estimating the exact size that a mutt pup can achieve is not an easy task. It will be much easier if we know the offspring of the puppy, that is, the size of its parents .

Genetic inheritance plays a very important role in the overall physical size and appearance of a mixed dog or mutt. Can two black mutt puppies originate a litter of golden fur? Yes! It is quite possible that this happens because mutt puppies have a large number of recessive genes that, although they have not manifested in them, can be transmitted and revealed in the litter.

For that very reason, the fact that you know the size of the parents and both are great does not mean that it is certain that the dog will also be great. Genetics can be very surprising .

Is it possible to know the ancestry of a mutt?

Since 2007 it is possible, in some countries like the United States, to perform a genetic testthrough a blood or saliva sample.

Although they are available for sale to the public and ensure that they determine the composition of breeds of a mutt dog, the truth is that they have limited validity because few “pure breeds” have been genetically evaluated.

This test allows to determine the genetic sequences that are characteristic of a certain race or another, and can give an idea of ​​the ancestry of our mutt dog . Nevertheless, ensuring a certain size remains a very delicate task.

How old is the dog growing?

The extent of the growth process is associated with the size of our dog. We can use this data as a clue , since the age at which it will stop growing depends a lot on its size:

  • Small size : The dog will grow quickly and, by 3 months, he must have reached half the weight he will have in adulthood. It will stop growing at around 6 months.
  • Average size : Will grow actively until 7 or 8 months. The height and volume of the dog will be defined around 12 months.
  • Large size : The growth process is much slower compared to the smaller breeds. They reach half the adult weight at around 6 months of age and can continue growing until they reach a year and a half.

When we observe that our dog slows its growth, we can estimate the size of it for guidance . If your dog is not increasing in size, see the article ” Why does not my dog ​​grow? ” By YourCatCareguide.

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