How to know if the cat is Siamese

Even those who do not understand much of cats have certainly heard of Siamese cats. In addition to being one of, if not the most, popular breed of cats in the world, Siamese is passionate about its colors in shades of brown and cream, and large blue eyes.

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He is, without doubt, a great cat to have as a company, because he is elegant, loyal, loving, talkative and very playful. As the puppies are born all white, and only acquire the characteristic color of a Siamese as they get older, many people have doubts about whether the cat is really Siamese, so stay here on ExpertAnimal and ask questions. Let’s explain how to know if the cat is a Siamese .

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Features two Siamese cats

The breed originated in Thailand, from Southeast Asia to England, where it became popular for its charisma, companionship and elegance, and from there spreading all over the world.

The legitimate Siamese cat has thin and elongated body with varying colors from white to cream or beige, long and thin paws and equally dark tail completely dark. The head is triangular and with a slightly tuned nose, and more prominent and pointed brown ears, muzzle mask, mouth and eyes of equally brownish color highlights its large, almond and blue eyes that can range from lighter blue to one turquoise.

Siamese kittens are born completely white and their coat darkens as time goes on, only when they reach age 5 to 8 months does the coloring take on the definitive standard appearance, where an adult can weigh about 4 to 6kgs. Siamese do not have the long, so the short hair is characteristic of the breed, hence the confusion, because this pattern of color is also found in other breeds of cats such as the Sacred of Burma and the Persian, for example.

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Behavior of Siamese cats

Siamese cats have fallen in popular taste for their charisma, companionship and loyalty. They are cats that are very attached to the owner, because as they are playful they like to interact with people, but like every cat, they have their moments of peace and quiet, during which they do not like to be disturbed, and if they are they can be a as well as moody and unpredictable.

They are very talkative cats and I love them for everything, and a curiosity is that Siamese cat females enter the estrus season sooner than other breeds , and as the females can get very agitated and at this stage it is advisable to castrate the kittens to avoid this kind of behavior if you do not pretend to breed this breed.

For being a race considered elegant, they have a slender and graceful walk, and at the same time, adventurous spirit with a great extinct of hunting, which causes that they try to capture the toy with leaps and acrobatics. They have adventurous spirit and like to explore every corner of the house, yard and garden, and if they find nothing to distract themselves with, they may develop behavioral problems, in which they will destroy the furniture and make the necessities out of the litter box

How To Tell If My Cat Is Siamese

As puppies it is difficult to be sure without taking into account the characteristics of the parents. If the mother and father of the kittens are Siamese, the pups will certainly acquire the specific coloration as they grow into adulthood. If you have rescued a litter and do not know the origin of the puppies or where the parents are, it is difficult to know if they will have the standard of a Siamese cat or other coloring. In the case of common cats, like cats can get pregnant in several cats in the same gestation, some of the puppies can be born with the appearance of Siamese and others can be born white, black, etc. in the same litter.

It is advisable to wait until the 2 and 3 months of age, which is when the breed standard is already more visible .

Pure Siamese Cat

O corpo do gato Siamês puro difere do gato Siamês popular, que foi uma provável cruza entre um gato doméstico comum e um Siamês puro, desta forma perpetuando o padrão de cores característico da raça siamesa, porém com o corpo de um gato doméstico comum.

The common Siamese cat , while maintaining the temperament of the breed, has a more robust and muscular body , thicker tail and rounder head. While the pure Siamese cat has a more elongated and longiine body, triangular head and more pointed and prominent ears laterally to the head. Darker colors can range from gray to chocolate to black. The puppies are born completely white or with a slight sand color, and at the end of the first month of life of the puppies it is possible to observe the characteristic colors at the ends of the muzzle, paws and tail.

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How to know if my cat is pure

For a cat to be considered “pure”, it can not have had any mixture with other breeds throughout its lineage, and the only way to attest this is through a specific certificate issued by entities of professional cat breeders, such as a Pedigree, which is a document containing all the information about that cat’s lineage, to his great-great-grandparents and brood brothers, and with whom they crossed to his cat.

This certificate is issued only by professional breeders and you get along with the puppy that is getting the trigger. So even if you have found a Siamese kitten on the street, although it has the colors and pattern of the breed, there is no way to attest to the lineage of that cat and who were its ascendants, in this way it is not possible to issue the pedigree of a cat after adult , for this, in addition to proving their lineage, you would need to be registered with a responsible Association of breeders of professional cats, and request the pedigree of the puppies before they even were born, communicating the arrival of a litter by the cross between the programmed parents. So if your intention is not to attend exhibitions and events, your cat does not need to be pure, to be loved andwell maintained .

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