How to know if my dog ​​likes me

Probably your dog likes you more than you realize, is that it is in their own nature and method of survival, to follow who provides them with food and affection. However, if you have recently had a dog at home you may have doubts about your affection.

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On a daily basis our dog shows us on many occasions how much he likes us, although in a different way from the one we humans use. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the natural communication of the dog.

Next we will explain to you some signs that indicate that your dog likes you and much! Find out how to know if your dog likes you and start to love it even more.

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Receiving with enthusiasm

Dogs are curious by nature and will practically always receive who enters their home, place that they feel as their own. However if it gets you wagging its tail , contented and joking is a sign that no doubt your dog likes you.

Shake your tail

The movements of the raven from one side to the other indicate happiness, joy and positivity. If your dog spends most of the day wagging his tail, especially if you interact with him, this is a sign that he is very happy at his side .

Play with you

Play is a behavior that dogs never lose , even in their adulthood. Except those dogs that suffer from mental problems as is the case of senile dementia. If your dog looks for you to play with is a clear sign of rapport and that you are happy.

Pay attention

If your dog turns his head when talking to him, he wiggles his eyebrows and is always aware of everything you do , no doubt that you are someone very special to him. The attention it gives you is directly proportional to the affection you have for yourself.

Follow it for everything or side

If your dog wants to be constantly with you, this is a sign that trusts you and feels comfortable next to you. Although there are dogs more followers than others the certain is that most can not resist accompanying owners everywhere. Find out more about this behavior in our article in which we explain why my dog ​​follows me everywhere .

Fill it with lick and kisses

When a dog licks a person it has several meanings although all of them are summarized to affect . Dogs love to relate by sniffing and licking, whether to mate, show affection or investigate what they have recently eaten.

Other signs that indicate that your dog likes you

  • Lie on your stomach up
  • Download the ears when you care
  • Refuge in you
  • Search for you
  • React to your emotions
  • Practice orders without asking for anything
  • Obey you

Remember that every dog ​​has a concrete personality and that for that reason not everyone will act the same way. Discover some things you should know about dogs and understand more about canine psychology here at Animal Expert.

We recommend that you have patience and that you give your dog lots of affection so that he can trust you and start liking you even more.

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