How to tell if my cat is male or female

Cats reproduce with frightening ease, so it is not difficult to find in the animal shelters a large number of small newborns waiting to be welcomed.

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Many people decide to adopt a little newborn cat without knowing their sex , but with the hope of getting into adulthood a very sociable animal with the idea of ​​teaching him orders and tricks.

For this reason, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will give you some tips to let you know if your cat is male or female . Keep reading and find out!

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Physical characteristics of male cat

Although it may seem like an easy task, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the sex of our cat, and even more so when it is a very small or neutered specimen.

How can we know sex in the case of males ? The cat in the genitals counts on the anus, the scrotum and the penis:

  • The scrotum is covered by hair and we can see two small testicles the size of a cherry’s core or a whole cherry in the case of an adult. These two protrusions should be quite evident in sight and touch. In the case of a castrated cat there will not be any testicles, but we can see the scrotum as a small bag of soft, empty skin.
  • The penis is born between a pile of hair on top of the testicles and leaves between the thighs of the feline.
  • The anus and penis are quite apart, at least for about 3 centimeters (1 in the case of babies).

Physical characteristics of the female cat

Determining the sex of a cat is easier since it will have fewer elements to analyze. If you have already ruled out your cat being a male, then read on to try to identify if the cat is female . The female cat has on the genitals the anus and the vulva:

  • Anus: Located just under the tail, it is very easy to recognize.
  • Vulva: Unlike the male cat, the vulva has a vertically shaped groove. The distance between these two will always be as small as 1 centimeter.

As you see, the anatomy of the cat is simpler and easier to identify , in adulthood they are usually of average size.

Did you identify the sex of your cat?

If you have not been able to identify the sex of your cat you should go to a veterinarian, the specialist will help you to differentiate whether your cat is male or female.

But if you have already managed to identify the sex of your cat, you can start choosing a name for your male cat or a name for your female cat .

Personality of the male cat

If you are thinking of adopting a cat, it is clear that in addition to the physical differences you should also consider the differences related to the behavior, which in this case are linked to the sex of the species.

Male cats have a more independent character than females and are larger, although as in all cases there are exceptions and you can get a family member who climbs on your lap and ask for unlimited affection. The character is usually more marked or abrupt and distrust more of the strangers than in the case of the females.

They are explorers by nature and will not hesitate to travel long distances around their house, as a result of this phenomenon usually have fights with other male cats that can be due to the dominance of the territory or by females in heat in the zone, for that reason and to avoid problems we recommend castrate your male cat as soon as possible. This will prevent you from returning home with half an ear or with the transmission of some disease.

The cat that is not castrated will give priority to your sex life rather than other factors. Not being able to leave the house can lead to irritability and restlessness in the cat. You may even lose your appetite and sleep or be aggressive. It is also customary to urinate around the houseand smell very badly.

Personality of the female cat

It is often said that females are more sociable, caring and homely . It is true that cats generally have more qualities related to affection and the need for physical contact, yet there are very independent and street cats.

Cats, as possible mothers, feel threatened by sudden changes in the environment that they may consider as safety hazards. They will defend what is yours without hesitation, the cat is known to be a very brave animal. They are possessive with their owner and the environment in which they live.

Many cats, although they are very homey and like to be at home, go bad in the heat, you can prove it yourself. They suffer from severe anxiety and, for that reason, they often run away and return with a surprise . They emit sounds for long periods especially at night.

Although it is less common, they also often urinate around the house and may develop ovarian cysts or other estrus-related disorders, which is why we also recommend sterilization for them. This will prevent an unwanted pregnancy, the cat fleeing or having health problems.

In short, regardless of the sex you choose, you will be faced with a wonderful species of many qualities, of which you will never want to be freed. Its fine and noble appearance, the passion for play and discovery will captivate you.

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