How to move cats away from plants?

Cats are strictly carnivorous animals. Despite this, it is customary to watch these cats eat the plants of our houses or gardens. Surely you’ve wondered why cats eat plants? It is often because they try to regurgitate and eliminate hair balls accumulated in the stomach. Other times, it may simply be to detoxify or simply for pure pleasure.

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Before you begin to treat this problem, you should make sure that none of the plants you have in your home are part of the toxic plants for cats , since any of these plants can cause digestive disorders, allergies or kidney problems.

Whatever the reason your cat is eating plants, it is important that you know him and know how to prevent him from eating them. We know how boring this situation is when you take time to care for your plants. In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to take the cat away from plants and why he eats them. Take note of our advice:

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Why do cats eat grass?

It is important to understand that cats eat grass because they probably need to do so. Felines, naturally, know how to detoxify their digestive system. For that reason, instead of preventing your cat from eating any of the plants, the ideal is to offer yourself a plant that it can eat and spoil at will.

Unlike catnip , there are plants on the market that sell precisely for this purpose. They are herb trays that are non-toxic and help our cat to naturally detoxify. We can get these trays already germinated or with everything prepared with the substrate and the seeds that the manufacturer chose. Another option is to make yourself a tray of grass for your cat.

How to grow cat grass at home? What do you need:

  • Container
  • Ecological substrate
  • Seeds of oats, wheat or canary seed
  • Water
  1. Add the green substrate to a container. It must be totally natural, without any kind of chemical. Remember that your cat will eat this herb!
  2. Use good quality seed for planting. Use a good amount of seeds to keep a tray full of grass.
  3. Sweep and cover the container with film. The heat will help it grow faster.
  4. Wait 3 to 10 days to see the first shoots.

Preventing Your Cats from Eating Your Plants

Although it may seem a good idea at first to put the plants in a high place, the cat is more likely to reach and eat without any problems. Cats are very athletic and are able to jump unbelievable heights. In this case, it would be best to plant a vertical garden high enough and without furniture nearby so that your feline can not climb. You can also put some kind of obstacle, like a net, so that it is even impossible to access the plants.

Spend more time with your cat

Although you already spend some time with your cat, it may not be enough for him. Many cats tend to acquire deviant behavior in the interest of tutors. You should devote more than one hour to daily pranks, especially if you notice some signs that your cat is bored .

The “fishing rod” is one of the cat’s favorite toys. But you can make various types of toys, including cardboard or recyclable material . The important thing is that you participate in the game .

You must remember that cats are very sociable animals. If you do not have enough time to devote to your feline, it might be a good idea to adopt a second cat to keep you company. Do not forget that it is important that they have similar ages as well as the same level of activity.

Tips to keep cats away from pots

If you have already offered grass to your cat and do not have the time or space to make a vertical garden, you can always use natural and non-harmful tricks to keep the cat away from your garden . The proposals we gave you earlier are far preferable to these options, but these remedies may help the cat to stop eating your plants :

  • Look at the market for a repellent of your own and apply directly on the plants.
  • Sprinkle the plants with water mixed with lemon or orange. This trick is usually quite effective to ward off cats. Prepare yourself a bottle of water with peels of these citrus fruits.
  • Sprinkle the leaves of the plants with water with a little pepper. This result will be very unpleasant for the cat and it is probable that when proving it does not return to approach the plants.
  • Place a third lavender or thyme plant and leave it close to the other plants. It also acts as a repellent.

How to make the cat stop digging earth from the flower pots?

In this case you can test all the remedies from the previous point and use them on earth. Directly add citrus peels or the solutions we give you to create a powerful repellent.

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