How To Improve My Cat’s Breath

Cats are animals that have a very genuine character and a considerable degree of independence, however, people who live with an animal of these characteristics know well that cats also need attention, care and affection enough.

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It is possible that at some point of proximity to the feline notice that it gives off a very unpleasant odor of its buccal cavity, what is known like halitosis, since this is a signal that is estimated that affects 7 in 10 adult cats.

In this Animal Expert article we show you how to improve your cat’s breath in order to improve your oral hygiene.

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Bad breath on cat

Bad breath or halitosis can become common among adult cats and is a sign to which we should give some importance. Although this is a sign that is most often associated with poor oral hygiene, accumulation of tartar or problems with food, it can also be indicative of a condition that affects the stomach, liver or kidneys.

If your cat suffers from halitosis it is important that you can go to the veterinarian so that he can discard any serious condition but also to be able to treat a possible oral disease, this because the American Society of Veterinary says that from 3 years, 70% of cats suffer from some problem with their hygiene and oral health .

Warning Signs on Feline Halitosis

If your cat looses a bad breath it is very important to visit the veterinarian to make sure that halitosis is not caused by an organic disease. However, if your pet shows some signs that we show you next should give special importance since they indicate serious pathologies:

  • Excessive salivation of brown tartar in excess
  • Red gums and difficulty eating
  • Urine-borne breath, which may indicate some kidney disease
  • Sweet-smelling, fruity-type breath usually indicates diabetes
  • Fetid odor accompanied by vomiting, lack of appetite and yellowish mucous membranes indicates liver disease

If your cat has any of the exposed manifestations you should immediately go to the veterinarian , since the pet may need urgent treatment.

Feeding the cat with bad breath

If your cat suffers from halitosis it is important to review your diet and introduce some changes that may be helpful:

  • Dry feed should be the main food of the cat with bad breath, since due to the friction that requires its intake helps eliminate and prevent the accumulation of tartar.
  • The cat should drink at least 300 to 500 milliliters of water per day, drinking enough liquid will aid in proper salivation, which aims to draw some of the bacteria that are in the oral cavity. To do this, spread a number of cool water tanks in various areas of the house and offer them moist food sporadically.
  • Give your cat prizes with specific foods for feline care. These types of snacks may contain aromatic substances and are of great help.

Cats Herb Against Cat Bad Breath

The cat’s worm ( Nepeta cataria ) drives any cat crazy and our kitten friends love to rub with this plant and even bite it and we can use it to improve their breath, since this type of grass has an odor even mint is also known as “feline mint” or “basil of cats”.

Put your cat’s pot in the pot and let him play whatever you want with it, you will eventually notice an improvement in your breath.

To oral hygiene no cat

At first it may seem like an odyssey to brush our teeth to our cat, however, it is necessary. For this we should never use a toothpaste for humans, since it is toxic to cats, we must make a specific toothpaste for cats that even exist in the form of spray.

We also need a brush and the most recommended ones are those around our toes, try brushing your cat at least 2 times a week.

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