How to help a cat give birth

If your cat is not castrated and has access to the street and consequently to other cats, sooner or later she will become pregnant . Although instinct tells you exactly what to do, even in the case of cats that are moms for the first time, there is no harm in giving you extra help at this very important time.

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There are three stages of help: pre-delivery, during delivery and after delivery.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will indicate to you the different steps to follow in each one of the phases. In this way, you will know how to help a cat give birth .

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Symptoms of cat gestation

If you suspect your kitten might be pregnant, you should take her to the veterinarian for confirmation. The signs that you should be alert to are: swollen belly, enlarged breasts and the cat licking the vulva too much.

If the veterinarian confirms the pregnancy, you should be prepared for that time. During the following months, the veterinarian will perform the follow – up of pregnancy and at the right time will determine the amount of kittens that are going to be born!

It is very important to take into account the care of a pregnant cat so that the whole process happens in the best possible conditions and that the cat has a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Materials needed

You should be prepared in case things do not go as planned.

  • He must have taken the veterinarian’s number.
  • You must have a carrier ready for you to go to the veterinarian quickly.
  • Choose the quietest place in the house to set up the nest for childbirth.
  • You can arrange a box with the high sides and put old towels or cotton cloths inside.
  • Buy latex gloves, clean tops and betadine or other similar disinfectant.
  • Have clean, sterile scissors close by.
  • You may need to buy specific milk powder for cats and a bottle of your own as well.
  • Buy sterile gauze.

How long does it take for a cat to gestate?

The gestation of a cat usually lasts between 65 and 67 days .

During the first month and a half of pregnancy you should continue to give the baby the usual diet. After that, you should switch to a proper ration for puppies, because it is a more caloric feed, which allows a greater energy intake with a lower intake of food. The fetuses press the cat’s stomach and it has less appetite.

The great day has come

On the day that the cat will give birth, you will notice that she is very restless and does not eat anything. With much calm and affection begin to accommodate her in the nest you prepared for childbirth .

If you notice any discharge or green or bloody fluid from the vulva, tell your veterinarian immediately and follow the instructions that he tells you. Unfortunately, it is not a good sign and very serious complications are likely to occur and you may need to get the kitten on the carrier and leave for the clinic.

If you do not notice any unusual signs, keep the distance and let nature play its part . The cat, by instinct, knows better than you what to do. Do not stress , but watch closely.

Kitten in labor

Before you go into labor, you will watch the cat lick the vulva meticulously to clean it. After that, the contractions begin.

When the time comes, the waters will burst and the cat will expel the amniotic fluid. Soon the first chick will be born. If all goes well, each puppy will be born with an interval of 30 to 60 minutes. If it is taking too long, call your veterinarian right away.

You should control if the cat breaks and releases the puppy from the amniotic sac and cleans it properly. If you see that the cat is not doing this, put on the gloves (after washing and disinfecting hands) and carefully break the bag at the level of the puppy’s face. With a sterile gauze, wipe the pup’s face and nose so it can breathe properly. Return the puppy so the cat can smell it and finish cleaning it.

It is very important that you make sure the cat expels and eats the placenta after giving birth . Each baby has a distinct placenta and it needs all the nutrients that are in the placenta.

The cat will cut the umbilical cords with their own teeth. If she does not, call the veterinarian and he will tell you how to act.

The puppies are born with an interval of 30 to 60 minutes as we told you before. It is very important that no chick or placenta remain inside the cat, because this situation can be fatal.


After properly washed by the mother, the puppies seek the mother’s breasts to feed. This first time they breastfeed is essential to the lives of cats , as it is when they ingest the colostrum. Colostrum is essential for the immune system of puppies.

If you notice that there is some baby that does not breast, there is probably some obstruction. Take the puppy very carefully and put it upside down. Gently shake it to force expulsion of liquids from the lungs.

If it is absolutely necessary, that is, if he is not able to suck directly from his mother, give him the milk suitable for kittens with the bottle.

After childbirth

Be aware in the first few hours after giving birth and make sure the cat is quiet . It is totally inadvisable to come the whole family, neighbors, friends and acquaintances to visit the cat in the first days. During the first week it is very important that neither the mother nor the children should startle. All you need to do is have someone around to make sure everything goes well.

At no time can fresh water and a good diet be lacking. Put the litter box so it does not have to move too far. Make sure the carton is always meticulously clean.

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