How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell: Tips and Tricks For Best Results

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Often cats bring with them to the house not only joy and affection but also an unpleasant smell. Such smells spoil comfortable living and deprive the home of cleanliness and coziness. The following describes how to get rid of cat urine smell from home.

Where does the smell come from?

Often, when they hear an unpleasant smell, the owners think that the pet has started walking past the tray. However, there are other reasons for the formation of an unpleasant odor:

  • Insufficiently thorough or rare cleaning in a cat tray;
  • The animal marks the territory of the apartment;
  • The cat does not like the litter box; she relieves the need elsewhere;
  • The pet has any diseases that interfere with the normal functioning of the genitourinary system.

First of all, it is worth identifying the reasons to understand how to eliminate the smell of cat urine in the apartment. So the fight against odor will be much more effective.

How To Clean a Fresh Puddle Of Cat Urine?

get rid of cat urine smell
Fresh urine on a carpet or upholstered furniture should be blotted with a paper towel immediately to get rid of cat urine smell

If the fluffy bully was caught red-handed or the puddle has not yet had time to dry, you should immediately remove it. When the liquid dries, it is partially absorbed into the coating, and getting rid of the smell will become much more difficult.

The easiest way to remove the outcomes from linoleum or tile – wipe a smooth surface with a cleaning agent and rinse well with water. It is much more challenging to cope with a problem on a carpet or upholstered furniture.

The main rule is speed and how quickly you remove the cat urine from the surface. The faster urine is removed from the surface; the less odor will remain. First, the puddle must be blotted with a cloth or paper towel. A great way is to fill up with cat litter and brush it off after soaking. It is essential to catch up when the urine begins to be absorbed into the soft upholstery or pile. The next step is stain removal.

Folk Remedies To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

Cats have been living with humans for more than a century, and periodically, there is a need to combat the unpleasant smell of their stool. As a result, many ways have accumulated to eliminate odors without resorting to chemicals and formulations. Below are the ways to remove the cat smell of urine in the apartment with improvised means.


How to get rid of cat urine smell from the apartment? Use vinegar. This is a universal tool, repeatedly tested by the hostesses. Vinegar bleaches linen, disinfects and eliminates unpleasant odors.

To eliminate the smell, dilute acetic acid (essence) with water in a ratio of 1: 2, wipe the stained area and rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can pre-treat the stained area with a solution of laundry soap. The tool smells specific but more pleasant than the smell of cat urine.

This method has another plus – cats do not tolerate a pungent vinegar odor. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone – remove the smell and discourage the cat from doing its work in the wrong place. According to many, vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for odor elimination.


Another tool that will help get rid of unpleasant cat urine smell. The method is especially useful when used on soft surfaces: sofas, carpets. A definite plus – the fabric remains intact: no spots remain, and the pattern does not fade.

Odor Removal Instructions:

  • Prepare a thick slurry of soda and a small amount of water;
  • Apply the prepared mixture to the stained place, leave to dry completely;
  • Clean the cloth with a brush or vacuum cleaner;
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary.

The method is especially useful if the dried salt is washed off with hydrogen peroxide or diluted dishwashing detergent.


With this tool, we process the floor, shoes, products from genuine or artificial leather, after removing the main pollution. The method of application is simple: wipe the surface with glycerin and leave to dry completely.

Importantglycerin is suitable only for fresh spots. They can’t remove the old smell.

Citric Acid or Lemon Juice

get rid of cat urine smell
The aroma of citrus not only helps to get rid of cat urine smell but also wean the pet to spoil in the corners

When the question arises: “how to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cat urine from the apartment,” they often recall these methods.

First, wash the urine stain with laundry soap and rinse with water. Your furry friend will not use the place to defecate after we wipe the trace with half a lemon and a durable solution of citric acid.

Citrus fruits are excellent prevention: cats will bypass the place where the peels of lemon or orange lie.


Liquid ammonia is successfully used to get rid of odors on hard surfaces and fabrics. It must be applied undiluted on the stain, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Ammonia is an ambiguous tool. The composition of cat urine includes derivatives of ammonia. The smell of ammonia can strengthen the pet’s desire to defecate in this place. Use alcohol to handle items that can be hidden from the animal.

Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is not suitable for all cases. White and light surfaces, even a weak solution, will turn pink. The tool is used for dark fabrics and surfaces. If you don’t know how to get rid of the smell of cat urine in the apartment on the carpet, try potassium permanganate.

Mode of application:

  • Add several crystals of potassium permanganate to water, mix well until completely dissolved. The resulting solution should have a saturated pink color;
  • Rinse the area with the resulting solution, rinse with water if necessary, and leave to dry.

Important: Do not use potassium permanganate solution on light tissues, as pink marks may remain.


Despite all the unusual, the use of iodine reduces the unpleasant odor of cat urine.

  • Using it is extremely simple:
  • Add 15 drops of iodine to a liter of water and mix well;
  • Rinse the stained area with a solution;
  • Let it dry.

Just like potassium permanganate, iodine should be used with caution on light tissues and surfaces.

Market Products To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

If it was not possible to remove the smell and stain with the help of home improvised means, you should turn to professional ones. Some products offer a large selection of domestic and imported odor neutralizers, some of them drown out the unpleasant “aroma” and also eradicate it.

Read more about the most popular below.


Odor Gone to get rid of cat urine smell

This remedy for the smell of cat urine is patented in the United States.

Benefits of OdorGone:

  • Naturalness. The composition of OdorGone is quite simple – it is water and a mixture of plant extracts;
  • Profitability. For processing a small room (15 m²) up to 10 sprayings are enough;
  • Safety. Approved for use in rooms with pets, asthmatics and young children;
  • Hypoallergenicity. Does not cause an allergic reaction;
  • Efficiency. OdorGone is able to remove even stubborn aromas;
  • The drug has bactericidal properties;
  • Biodegradability.

Urine-off Cat & Kitten

Urine Off to get rid of cat urine smell

Bioenzyme from American developers works great on hard and soft, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Manufacturers carefully hide the composition of their product, but promise that its ingredients destroy uric acid crystals and work as pheromone blockers – cats will never mark the treated area again.

Benefits of Urine-off Cat & Kitten:

  • It contains only natural plant materials.
  • It does not contain toxic and toxic components.
  • Harmless. Can be used in homes with small children.
  • The enzymes and biological agents that make up urine are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Allowed to use in homes with allergies

Odor kill

Odor Kill to get rid of cat urine smell
Odor Kill to get rid of cat urine smell

Vanilla odor killer. This can be called the annihilator of unpleasant aromas produced in the UK. Odor kill accurately shoots not only the smell of urine and feces of domestic animals but also the smell of wool (as well as cigarette smoke, burning, kitchen and similar problems).

The product itself smells of vanilla and it is completely safe for both animals and people.

Odor kill is bred in water and this solution treats all surfaces, both hard (floor, walls, tile) and soft (carpet, bedspreads, tablecloths). A 400 m² room needs 4 liters of Odor kill.

Benefits of Odor kill:

  • Efficiency.
  • Suitable for hard and pile coatings.

How Not To Aggravate The Situation?

When removing the smell of urine, follow these tips:

  • Do not use products containing chlorine – cats can lick the product off their feet and get severe poisoning;
  • Do not rub urine on the fabric. All removal steps should be soaking to avoid further absorption. Throw away a tissue or cloth after use;
  • Do not mask the smell with air freshener, herbs, or essential oils. The smells mix and the stink only intensifies;
  • Do not wash the floor with one rag. So urine will spread over the entire surface, which will complicate the disposal of it.

If it was not possible to detect the spot in time, then it will be challenging to cope with the old smell. In this case, you should adhere to the recommendations:

  • Do not save. A quality tool is slightly more expensive than a cheap analog however, it will help to achieve a result;
  • If the smell is old, and you do not know how to get rid of the cat smell in the apartment with folk remedies, use vinegar;
  • Until the end, only dry cleaning can remove the odor from clothing or textiles.

How To Avoid The Smell Of Cat Urine?

All cat owners sooner or later face this problem. Therefore, in order not to think about how to get rid of cat urine smell in the apartment, it is better to warn the consequences.

A few recommendations to prevent this odor from forming:

  • Teach your kitten to use the litter box from the first days. Clean up fresh puddles immediately and regularly show the animal where it should be spent. For each successful trip, praise and give a treat;
  • Control the sexual behavior of the animal. During sexual hunting, the cat actively marks the territory. The way out of the situation is the castration of a cat. Also, some drugs can suppress sexual desire and desire to mark the territory. Walking on the street is useful for cats, so they will be able to display instincts fully;
  • Carefully monitor the mood of the animal. If the cat ignores the litter box, you should pay attention to whether the animal is experiencing stress or, perhaps, is deprived of affection. Scare the cat can come to visit small children or a change of scenery. To relieve stress, it is worth stroking the animal once again, talking to him, playing;
  • Some cats do not like children and strangers in the house and can take revenge on the owners, peeing past the tray;
  • Keep your cat healthy. Take him regularly for examinations and use the services of a veterinarian at the slightest suspicion of illness. One common cause of a strong odor is cystitis. If the pet has a strange behavior or blood in the urine, then you should immediately go to the doctor;
  • A cat can spoil for reasons beyond its control. For example, a dirty litter box or cats inaccessibility to reach theor litter box. Clean the litter box regularly: wash it entirely once a week, change part of the filler after each trip to the toilet.

Cat urine odor problems are sometimes caused by a health issue, including feline diabetes, or a feline urinary infection, so your first response should be to take the kitty to the vet for a check-up. You’ll want to be sure she has a clean bill of health before you try to solve any other problems.

Cat Owner Stories

Nikita: “Our cat is sterilized and we had no problems with the smell of urine before, but a couple of months ago a terrible smell of ammonia came from the litterbox. At first we thought that the new food was to blame for everything. But after a visit to the veterinarian, it turned out that our girl had a bladder inflamed. The strong smell was caused precisely by this disease. The veterinarian prescribed us a course of antibiotics (Monural), the cat recovered, and the smell disappeared. ”

Anton: “They took the cat to the veterinarian without carrying it, he puffed it out of fear on the leather seat of the car. Removed the smell of hot mineral water (Borjomi) with salt. I watered it with mineral water, sprinkled it with salt and rubbed it all. After processing, I thoroughly washed the interior and seats. In order not to spoil the skin, we must try this mixture on a small piece of upholstery. “

Maria: “I cleaned the stain with a solution of potassium permanganate from the sofa. They say that a solution of vinegar helps well – I was afraid to spoil the upholstery. My sofa is brown, potassium permanganate has not left spots on it. I would not experiment with light furniture. ”

Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell
Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

Cat Litter Pan Problems Due To Stress Are More Common Than You Think

What could be better than being a cat?  All you have to do is just lay around and sleep all day, right?  Well, life for your kitty may not as rosy as you think it is. Most cat owners don’t realize that stressed-out cats are a big problem.

Stress can result if your kitty is bored, and doesn’t have much to do besides eating and sleeping. Set aside time to play with your kitty several times a day. She needs the exercise, and she will enjoy interacting with you.

Consider providing a feline companion to keep an only cat company during the day or buy a cat video that features birds and other creatures that she can watch on TV while you’re gone.

Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell
Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

Sometimes another pet, or even a child, is the problem. If a dominant cat, a dog, or a small child is bothering kitty while she’s in the litter box, she just may find another, more private place to do her business.

Your feline may not like where her cat litter pan is located. If you keep it in the basement, she may be scared of the furnace, or the washing machine, since they come to life when she least expects it, and make lots of noise. Look at the situation from your cat’s point of view. People and cats look at the world differently.

If her pan is in a busy, noisy place, she may be unhappy with it, too. Using the bathroom is a private activity for kitties, just like it is for people.

Tips For Solving Your Cat Urine Problems

If you have more than one cat, you should have one box for each feline, plus an extra one.

Put them in various places around the house.  If one kitty likes to claim the litter pan for herself, there’s still another pan available for the other cat.

You’ll want to make sure there’s an escape route available at each litter pan to avoid one cat being able to corner the other one in there.

These tips will help you get rid of cat urine smell.

Get rid of cat urine smell
Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Cat Pee Smell | PetMD

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