How To Cut a Cat at Home

Whether it’s because of the heat or because they have very long and embarrassed hair, it’s time to cut it. Cutting hair to a cat can be a relaxing therapy, or on the contrary, be a drama. A cat with a healthy hair and care, is a happy cat.

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This is a key moment in which your pet puts all their confidence in you so that you arrange your most treasured treasure, your fur. For this reason and to create a better bond with the animal, it is important to learn how to master art.

If you want to know how to groom a cat at home , keep reading this YourCatCareguide article where we’ll explain step by step the best techniques for you and your feline companion to have the best experience possible.

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Steps to follow:

If your cat is still a puppy then have a golden opportunity between your hands to start getting used to it early, so over time the whole routine of cutting and care of the hair can become a pleasant and special time for he. The best time to do this is early in the summer season, so you’ll be able to help keep it cool when temperatures rise.

If on the contrary, your cat is already adult and you are starting in the world of feline cough, you should have a lot of patience, be careful and delicate throughout the process. Remember that there will be scissors in the environment, so safety is very important.

The first thing to do is to prepare the battlefield. Choose a large venue to hold the coughing session. A place where you can have space to put all things without being crowded together, this will help you to be more organized and to move around quietly throughout the process. Take the time it takes to cut your cat’s hair. We recommend you do it in the kitchen, as they are usually larger rooms than the bathrooms. Gather scissors (of different sizes), baby oil, dressers, towels, hairpins, brushes, combs and all the elements you consider necessary.

Before cutting your cat’s hair you should give him a relaxing bath to prepare him for the time of the haircut. It’s also a good idea to get your claws down so you do not get scratched. If your cat is constantly apprehensive, nervous and even aggressive, consult your veterinarian so that the veterinarian will give you some tranquilizer before the session.

Put your cat on a towel or cloth, so you will have the least dirty room.

Start by using your usual comb to untangle the hair , check the length of it and eliminate any knots you can without using the scissors. Comb the entire body of the cat very well, this will help you plan your cutting strategy.

Once the brushing is finished, cut the longest pieces of hair, cutting it in all places where you have superficial knots , especially in complicated places where the electric machine can not access or is a little dangerous.

Depending on the area, use scissors of different sizes . The most complicated areas are the ears, nipples and vulva (in the case of females) and around the anus. For knots remember to untangle them as much as you can and then cut with scissors, avoid the machine in these cases. Cut the length you can.

Now it’s the turn of the slicer, a tool you can use in case you want to be more radical about the length of your cat’s fur. It is very important that the cat’s hair is not excessively long, otherwise using the electric machine can be very dangerous . Before using it, you should cut with the scissors.

The machines are for the body of the cat and must use them from the neck to the base of the tail, making straight and linear movements. Do not press the machine too hard against the feline skin because it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to it. Do not take too long because the cat may not like the noise of the machine.

Try to be organized about the areas you are cutting and go by parts. Make two broad passages and then pass through more enclosed areas, such as the tail.

Try to keep the same length throughout the body, except on the head, this is a very delicate place where you should not use the slicer. For the area of ​​the head and face should use the safest scissors you have. What is customary to do in these areas is to keep the hair a little longer than the rest of the body.

Go stopping and checking how your cat’s haircut is getting, so you’ll avoid having your cat scratched excessively. Pass through the areas that did not get the same length and lastly brush your cat several times to eliminate all the hair that was clinging to your skin.

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