How to Entertain a Puppy Alone at Home

Often we have to go out and leave our furry friends for hours alone at home and we do not know how they will spend that time. Dogs are social animals that need companionship and when they spend many hours alone they may get bored, stressed or suffer from separation anxiety, however there are a few tricks to make your furry friend entertain and hours pass faster. In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to entertain a dog alone at home so you can leave the house for a few more restful hours. Remember that each dog has different motivations, so to alternate and try out each of the advice we will show you will be the key to getting to know your puppy better and making him enjoy an entertaining day, whether he is at home or not.

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Do not let it feel closed

When we leave our dog alone at home for many hours we should avoid the sense of enclosure, as it would stress and become more easily bored.

It is advisable to leave the blinds and curtains open to get light and so that he can see the street. Have you ever noticed how dogs like to see everything on the street? It is an entertainment for them and with the windows open the hours will pass faster.

Ask someone you trust to visit you.

It can be very comforting for your dog that during the hours that he is alone, suddenly an unexpected visit arrives that will keep him company and play with him. This will make you less stressed and the day will pass faster . This is especially important if you spend many hours alone, since you need to go out for a walk, because although a dog can spend up to eight hours alone , it is not recommended.

Replace toys

Dogs, like people, get bored when things are always the same. To avoid getting tired of your toys you can go changing them every day. Each time you leave home make sure you all their toys, pick two or three and go changing them every day to not get tired of them and spend hours flying while playing with them.

Use intelligence toys

You can also buy puppy intelligence toys that will make you spend a lot of time entertaining for a reward , such as a toy or cookie. Among these toys is kong , which is very useful for dogs suffering from separation anxiety . If you are desperate and do not know how to entertain a dog alone at home this is one of the better options.

Leave the radio or television on

The feeling of loneliness increases with silence. Also, when a dog is very fearful it is likely to change every time you hear some noise , you will think it is a danger and will try to chase it away. Television or radio are very useful options in these cases.

If you also have access to a channel that broadcasts programs for dogs, not only will your friend feel more like you, but you will also be entertained and have fun watching it.

Stimulate your nose

Do not you have lots of toys and your furry friend is too hairy to get in the window? So how can you entertain the dog alone at home? You should know that the nose of the dogs is very developed and they like to smell everything, so it is very stimulating to hide dog biscuits in some places of your house before leaving so your furry friend will enjoy a good bit using your nose to find them. Keep in mind that you should hide rewards in places your dog can access without getting hurt.

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