How to draw the Persian cat knots

One of the main features of the Persian cat is its long, smooth fur. But, the truth is that to keep it beautiful, bright and healthy we have to take time to take care of it with regular brushing and bathing.

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The Persian cat, by its calm and relaxed character will let itself brush without any problem. In addition, he is usually a rather vain and sociable cat.

Regardless of the reason that caused your cat to have embarrassed hair, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some beauty advice so you know how to take the knots of the Persian cat .

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Take us from step by step

As we mentioned before, it is very important to follow the persian cat’s hair care to keep it soft and free from knots. If we do not do it properly, the first nodes may begin to appear. If this is your case, do not worry, then we’ll give you a simple step by step to eliminate them.

Materials Required :

  • Slope
  • Dry conditioner

Steps to follow :

Before you start, especially if you are the first to do this, you should know that cats are very special animals that will not let you do everything you want. You should do it positively (it may include treats) so the animal is relaxed and does not run away in fear.

  1. While the caress begins to palpate the whole without hurting, ideally look for another possible node and identify the size of the knot.
  2. In a slightly overdone way, apply the dry conditioner over the fur seal of your Persian cat and follow the product’s instructions. After the application time, the hair should be smoother and less dense.
  3. Once the application time has passed, brush the animal’s hair carefully with the comb. This is the most complicated part, since the cat does not usually handle the hair pulls. Try to hurt him as little as possible.
  4. Start combing the shallowest layer of the knot, never try to undo it from the inside. You can follow the direction of the hair, for example, to guide you in this process.
  5. You may be able to undo a part of the knot, but inside it, much drier, stay the same with a knot. Reapply the conditioner.

Once you reach this point, you should be able to undo your cat’s hair knot without problem, but if you see that it is too tangled go to the next section .

Last option: haircut

If your cat’s knot is impossible to brush it will have to cut it. Do not worry, if you do it properly and with care you can do it yourself at home , although if you are a little afraid, it is best to go to a professional place as an animal aesthetic center.

Materials Required :

  • Slope
  • Scissors
  • Toasting machine

Steps to follow:

  1. If your cat has only one knot or is in isolated places with each other, you should use the scissors. Begin by looking for the knot to cut to determine how far it is from the skin and calculate well what it will do.
  2. Find someone who can help you. If your cat moves it can be really dangerous, so you should not do it alone.
  3. Start by cutting it bit by bit. It is preferable to cut unless you end up hurting the poor animal. Start at the top of the knot and advance until the knot is nearly cut off.
  4. Use a comb if you see that it can be easily untangled.
  5. If, on the contrary, your cat has many nodes or they are too close to the skin, you will have to use the electric machine .
  6. Look for someone who knows how to use this instrument. Although you may believe it is very easy, if you have never done it before it can hurt your beloved Persian cat.
  7. Carefully scrape the knot areas with the help of another person.

Now that you have managed to free your Persian cat from the knots must have something clear: it can prevent the reappearance of us. Learn how to brush your cat in the next section .

Prevent Persian cat nodes from appearing again

To prevent the Persian cat from suffering from the appearance of knots in your fur again, you will need to brush and bathe. Keep in mind that not all products are ideal for your particular case, you should use products with a minimum quality.

  • Shampoo and conditioner : Of course you should treat specific products for cats, but you should also look for some with specific characteristics such as for white cats, extra softening or intense shine. Look for the ideal for your Persian cat.

Give your Persian cat a bath every month to prevent dirt from reoccupying your beautiful fur.

  • Brushes : Although it would be useful to have three types of brushes (combs, brushes and scraper) knowing how to use them correctly, you can settle for a metal bristle brush with the tips protected.

Brush your cat’s hair every day or every other day to keep it healthy and free from us. Do not forget any part of your body and do it with care and delicacy.

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