How to Cut a Maltese’s Hair

One of the most appreciated features of this adorable breed is its soft, long, white hair, and can actually give it a really noble look.

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Maltese is a dog that is happy receiving care and attention from its owner. They like to attract attention, so if you live from puppies to receive brushing and various care, it will be daily moments that you will enjoy without a doubt.

Then in the YourCatCareguide we will explain everything you need to know to cut the hair to a Maltese .

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Materials needed to cut the hair to a Maltese

To get you started, before placing with the care and haircut of Maltese, you will need some products to make the result the best possible:

  • Scissors : Always cut the hair with it, never with blades or other elements. They will be useful for correctly measuring distances and keeping tips healthy. You can find them of two types: the conventional straight for the hair of the body and another for delicate zones like the face and ears.
  • Wipes : There are products for treating the areas that are close to the tear, nose and mouth, which often start to get reddish and become coppery if we do not clean them well. Instead of these products, you can also use wipes and regularly clean these areas.
  • Electric machine : Ideal to reach inside the ears or to remove the hair from the cushions without running the risk of hurting your dog with the scissors.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: There are for sale specialist brands for white that will give you an impeccable result. We also recommend the use of a conditioner to avoid knots that may appear on your Maltese’s coat.
  • Spray shine : If you also want an extra result, you can also find spray shine at pet stores. If your dog goes to beauty pageants, this is an ideal supplement to improve the appearance of your fur.

What to consider before cutting

Before caring for your Maltese Bichon, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Maltese does not have a sub-layer of hair , so it should be delicate not to generate nodes.
  • Long-haired Maltese brushings should be daily, and for the short hairs a minimum of twice a week, as it is one that stays with us with ease.
  • The hygiene in our dog will be a fundamental part of his life, so we must get used to it since the puppy to receive the brushing and the baths with happiness and tranquility.
  • If you see us tangled, apply a drop of conditioner in the area in question and let it work for 3 to 5 minutes, while washing will be much easier to eliminate.
  • The Maltese bath should be held once a month . Excess washing results in the loss of the hypoallergenic properties that characterize it. We recommend to lather twice with the shampoo, always with care and a conditioner application.

Types of Maltese cut

It is in the cuts that much of Maltese’s charm is present, and the cuts he can make will depend on his creativity and enthusiasm as he can make many different hairstyles. Whether maintaining long hair, opting for the short or leaving some part longer than another, the Maltese adapts to all types of hairstyles and styles .

It is very important to always bear in mind that we should not cut our hair completely, as it is a natural layer of protection and could get very sick quickly.

Types of hairstyles:

  • The puppy hairstyle : It is usually as short as possible and should always be done with scissors, maintaining a minimum length of 3 centimeters to prevent it from growing and losing its original shape.

Although we consider that the short hair is the most appropriate for him, you must always take care to keep this minimum measure of 3 centimeters.

  • The long hair : If you let it grow, the hair will eventually become a really striking and silky smooth. It is the other common and typical possibility of Maltese hairstyles in beauty pageants. We should let it grow and brush it daily as well as maintain the daily hygiene care in the eyes, nose and mouth area to prevent the common color stains of coffee. Many professionals dry their hair with a blow dryer and brush to keep themselves even slicker.
  • Other types of cut : In addition to the typical we can also combine the long with the short, for example, keeping the body long with a puppy-like face. You can be creative and cut your hair as you like.

The use of hooks, elastic hair and other elements is recommended to prevent the hairs from ending in the eyes or other holes bothering you and hampering your routine activities.

We recommend that before you do it yourself, go to a canine hairdresser and observe their techniques and recommendations to avoid inappropriate cutting.

Drying and brushing of Maltese

Once you have finished the process of care and cutting Maltese hair, the time comes for drying and brushing. For this you must use:

  • Dryer : The dryer facilitates a lot of drying, obtains a better result and is faster. Remember not to use excessive temperature or power.
  • Brush : There are for sale of various types. After bathing, you should use a normal bristle brush to remove by the dead and disengage. For daily care you should use softer brushes than the previous ones.
  • Mini hairnet : If your Maltese has a very long hair and you want to achieve a perfect smooth effect, we recommend the use of the flat iron. Ideal for competitions and exhibitions.

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