How To Clean My Cat’s Teeth

As much as your cat is very intelligent, intuitive and virtually all you need to talk about, there are certain skills and dynamics that are not listed within your domestic nature, such as cleaning your teeth.

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Unlike domestic cats, wild cats find elements on the outside with which they can wash their teeth, such as branches, leaves or grass, and thus keep their teeth clean. In the case of your cat, it is you who should accomplish this task. Taking care of your dental hygiene is essential for your health, it is a basic care that will help prevent any type of infection or worse, some oral disease that can lead to a painful and expensive operation.

Manipulating your cat’s mouth and teeth and turning it into a routine may seem like an odyssey (especially because cats do not like it very much) but it does not have to be that way. Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we explain how to clean your cat ‘s teeth in the best way possible so that your feline feels comfortable and stays healthy and happy.

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Understand and prepare the ground

The plate or waste accumulation is the main dental disease in cats. This can cause pain in the gums, bad breath and in the worst cases infections or loss of teeth. For this reason it is important to create a routine oral cleaning.

At first it may cost a little, but if you do this regularly, it will eventually become accustomed to the process and will become less unpleasant and simpler. Try brushing your teeth and be aware of the condition of your mouth about three times a month . If your cat is a puppy, take this habit since childhood.

The Correct Way To Clean Your Teeth

The toothpaste of cats is not the same as that of humans , all scoring is totally harmful and we do not want your cat to end up intoxicated. There are currently special folders for feline hygiene. The same goes for the toothbrush, although this is non-toxic can be very hard and great for the small mouth of the cat. For some people it is more comfortable to cover your finger with gauze or a soft sponge and use it as a brush. All of these materials can be purchased at any veterinarian or petshop.

Since we do not want you to get scratched by your cat, you should take a towel and wrap it in it, leaving only the part of the head uncovered. Then place it on your lap in a position that is comfortable for both you and him, and caress your head, ears, and lower jaw. This action will help relax any tension that exists in the buccal region.

The top teeth brush down

When you feel your cat is quiet, lift your lip from one side and begin to gently brush down the outer part of your teeth. This should be done a little further down the gum line to the tips, just as you were taught by your parents. It is very important to remove and discard from the mouth any food residue that is encrusted.

To brush the inside , you may have to make some pressure to open your cat’s mouth. Do it fondly to see if you can, otherwise the taste and smell of toothpaste will help in this function. It is not necessary to rinse since this type of toothpaste is edible, however, when you finish brushing your teeth, let the cat drink water if you want.

Alternatives to tooth brushing

If you have tried it many times and it remains very unpleasant for your cat and it is a constant struggle between you and your pet, you should know that there are special foods to combat dental plaque. They are not 100% effective but they help to reduce it.

Whether you brush your cat’s teeth or choose the option we mentioned earlier, ask your veterinarian for help and take your cat for periodic dental checkups.

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