How To Clean Dry Dog – 3 Dry Bath Options!

The correct hygiene of the dog is very important to maintain his health and, therefore, keep your pet within the necessary conditions so that enjoy a good quality of life is owned by the tutors.

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However, at certain times, whether due to lack of time or because the dog can not bathe, this hygiene must be done in another way. In this article by YourCatCareguide, we show you how to clean a dry dog ​​with 3 dry bath options so you can always keep your dog in the best possible condition!

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Dry Dog Shampoo

There are many people in the world who can not imagine their life without a dog, one of the most popular pets ever, which gave birth to the salons of beauty treatments for dogs. Fortunately, it is also possible to find products that make life easier for tutors. This is the case with dry shampoo for dogs, a perfect product to maintain the hygiene of your best friend.

To dry the dog, start by brushing and undo any knots in his hair , this will facilitate further cleaning. Then grab a cotton towel and moisten with a little warm water. Apply the shampoo (spray) on the cloth and go through the entire body of your dog, without forgetting any zone, just as you would in the normal bath.

If your dog has a lot of dirt accumulated, you can apply the shampoo again (or as many times as necessary). To finish, brush the hair again to eliminate any remaining shampoo and leave the hair dry and smooth.

Towel dampened

Enjoy a damp towel to sanitize your dog. For more effective cleaning, brush your dog’s hair before and after the procedure. Although this is not a definitive cleaning solution, it can help remedy the situation, especially in cases of localized dirt.

Dog Deodorant for Dogs

It is possible that on many occasions you have washed the dog through the conventional bath and that, on rainy days or after a long walk abroad, it again releases an unpleasant odor more intense than the natural smell of the dogs.

In this case we recommend that you make a homemade deodorant using one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water, placing this mixture in a spray container and applying on the dog’s hair.

The apple cider vinegar has many properties but, among them, also makes the hair of your dog remains in good condition and without odors.

Do not use these methods to do regular dog hygiene

Finally, it is essential to take into account that the dry bath should never replace the dog’s complete hygiene , although it is an excellent alternative in certain situations.

Just like the tools that help keep the dog clean, you should also know what the cleaning features are that are harmful to the dog :

  • Do not use moist wipes as they may contain substances that are not suitable for the skin of your dog, especially if it suffers from allergy, sensitivity, dermatitis or any dermis related problem.
  • Do not use any type of dry shampoo that has not been designed for veterinary use, as it may end up causing allergic reactions.
  • Do not apply any type of conventional colony to keep the dog cleaner as it may contain substances that irritate and damage the skin.

Remember that as soon as possible you should give your dog a complete bath, always with care and patience so that he does not suffer from any type of stress. Check out how to bathe the dog at home by accessing this article.

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