How to Clean Cat’s Eyes

Cats hate bathing and do not really need it because they can spend up to four hours a day cleaning their bodies with their rough tongue. However, there is an area where cats can not reach with their tongue to wash themselves: the eyes.

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This task we suggest will not be easy because there is a high probability that the cat will not be receptive. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to learn how to clean the cat’s eyes .

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How often should I clean the cat’s eyes?

How often you clean your cat’s eyes should be about twice a week . However, some types of cats require daily cleaning due to their breed, especially so-called brachycephalic cats .

Brachycephalus are breeds of cats that usually accumulate many tears because they have a very broad head and a flat nose like the Persians, the Devon Rex or the Himalayas . The persistence of hygiene is very important to prevent infections that result from the bundles that accumulate .

Preparation of necessary material

To clean the eyes of a cat the proper way, you must prepare the whole kit before starting to work. This recommendation can be very helpful if the cat tries to escape, as you will not have to search your home for the materials.

What do I need to clean my cat’s eyes?

  • Cloth
  • Cotton
  • Distilled water
  • will
  • Two cups
  • A towel
  • A treat or other reward for the cat

Once you have it all, fill the two cups with distilled water, add a little salt in the house one (a teaspoon is enough), remove it and make sure the small mixture is cold.

Cleaning process

Check out the steps to clean the cat’s eyes:

  1. The first thing to do is to wrap the cat in a towel so that it does not revolt, begin to scratch and it is necessary to use the mixture of water and salt to clean the wounds of the tutor.
  2. After wrapping it, grab the cotton balls and soak in the water from one of the bowls. With the piece of cotton wet, wipe the cat’s first eye . Avoid touching the eye itself and wipe only around it as this can cause pain and although it is wrapped in a towel, it can twist and run away.
  3. Use all the cotton balls needed to clean the eye and moisten the cotton whenever necessary in the same cup used for the first eye.
  4. Use the other bowl to clean the other eye. That way you will be avoiding passing on potential infections from one eye to the other.
  5. Once the same procedure is performed for both eyes, wipe the cloth dry.
  6. Take the reward you chose to give the cat and offer the prize for being patient while you cleaned it. In this way, you will think that even though you suffer this process, you at least have a reward, which will make you more receptive the next time.

Other advices

It is important that the cat has been familiar with this process since he was a child, so it will not be strange and you will get used to it very early.

If it is impossible to clean your eyes because the cat does not leave, you can ask someone who helps to hold the animal while you clean your eyes, which will make the process much easier. If you notice any type of reaction in the cat’s eyes such as swelling, pus, secretions, difficulty opening your eyes or any other type of anomaly, consult your veterinarian immediately to watch your cat.

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