How To Choose Cat Food

Cats are very careful animals when it comes time to choose what they will eat, but it is no use choosing a diet just by the smell or taste that it can have, it is necessary to evaluate well the nutritional value of each one, since a good diet is the key to good health and well being of the kitten.

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When choosing your cat’s type of feed, you may come across several brands, several types are dried or wet rations, various ages, castrated and uncastrated cats, indoor cats and cat food with one high energy levels, and even cat food that has a health problem. For first-time gatekeepers, it may seem somewhat confusing given the huge variety of feed we find in the pet market, so YourCatCareguide has prepared this article to help you choose your cat’s feed .

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Best brand of cat food

In recent years, the number of cats as pets has increased exponentially, which has led to an increase in cat products offered in the market. We currently have dozens of differentiated products that cater to the most diverse public pet owners, so it’s no wonder even an experienced cat owner is in doubt about choosing the best brand of food for your cat.

To end the confusion, you should ask yourself what the best brand of feed for your cat , and from there, choose the best brand of food that matches your nutritional requirements, having a few points to consider, if the brand you choose is easy to find in pet shops close to where you live and if you can afford the food, after all it’s a commitment you’ll be making throughout the life of the pussy. To do so, before choosing a particular brand, you can study, by some calculations, how much ration you should buy in 1 month to offer the amount of feed your cat needs daily. See this other YourCatCareguide article to know the amount of daily food for cats.

What is the best ration for neutered cats?

The nutritional needs of castrated cats are different from the nutritional needs of uncastrated cats. Because of this, the animal nutrition market offers cat food brands in these conditions, usually with chicken or meat flavors.

There are various brands such as Golden, Royal Canin, Hills , etc. However, when choosing a particular flavor of a particular brand, it is necessary to keep in mind that once a cat gets accustomed to that flavor, it will hardly accept any future changes in its food, so make sure that you can keep it for a long time. In the same way that a cat may not accept that you change his ration for another, he may also not like the mark chosen even refusing to eat, which the guardian may mistakenly interpret as a symptom since the cat is not eating , so it is best to ask your veterinarian for tips, which can even give you some free samples just for your cat to experiment and you evaluate if he really will be interested in the new feed.

Best ration for sterilized cats

A sterilized cat is the same as a castrated cat, so the same tips given above are kept. It is always important to follow the directions on the packaging labels, and to provide the daily amount specified for each brand, because as the nutritional values ​​of the feed are different, the amount of feed of one may not have the same nutritional value as the other, of being the same quantity.

Nutritional values ​​also change when it comes to puppies, precocious cats and old cats, so changes from one ration to another should always be made gradually and making sure that your cat will get used to the new feed.

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Super premium cat food

Cats are strictly carnivorous animals, which means that their feeding requires supplementation with Taurine. Without this vitamin in their diet, cats can present severe conditions of malnutrition leading them, even, to death.

Basically, in relation to the nutritional value and the type of raw material used there are 4 types of dry feed on the market:

  1. Standard rations, also called combat rations.
  2. Premium foods.
  3. Super-premium feeds.
  4. Medicated rations.

The standard rations are rations with low nutritional value, and although they have a very affordable value, are made from remains containing large amounts of carbohydrates, and contain dyes that are harmful to the health of the cat.

Premium and Super-Premium foods are similar in relation to not using dyes in their manufacture and nutritional values ​​not very different from each other. The difference between the two is the raw material used for the preparation of the ration, being Super-Premium superior to Premium, besides the addition of vitamins and components that improve intestinal absorption, digestibility, high animal protein content improves the satiety of the cat, as well as giving a soft and silky coat and stools less stinky.

Therefore, when choosing the best ration for your cat has as options a premium or super-premium ration mark, since the benefits of a good diet are numerous, in the same way as exposing your cat to a bad diet, despite having value cheap and affordable, can end up costing you at the end of the day, since your cat’s health will be compromised, so ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Does moist cat food hurt?

The damage that an inadequate diet can cause to the health of your feline is not visible overnight, the body adapts, therefore the lack of nutrients or the excess of them is a problem that appears in the long term, that is, it can take months and even years for the effects of this diet to appear.

A good diet is the key to having a healthy cat, and many people in Brazil criticize the moist food, also called wet food, which are the sachets, pates and cans, because they think it contains a high sodium content believing that it is harmful to the cat. However, sodium is extremely important for muscle contraction, and in addition, there is as yet no consensus among veterinarian veterinarians on felines regarding the sodium content that is really needed for a cat, and from which point a certain amount of sodium it becomes harmful to your health.

In the United States, it is more common to offer moist cat food than dry feed. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, wet food for cats does not hurt , and is even a better option than a dry feed, whether Premium or Super-Premium, since moist food has more water contributing to better health of the treatment urinary tract infection. Since many cat tutors find it difficult to get their cats to drink more water, moist feed is a good option to be included in your cat’s diet, either as a weekly treat, or as a complete replacement for dry cat food. To do this, talk to your veterinarian about the ideal amount of moist feed your cat will be offered daily.

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