How To Choose a Puppy From a Brood

Few moments are as magical and as emotional as when a human family decides to adopt a dog and moves to choose the dog that will become one more member of the family.

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Has anyone seen a puppy that is not extremely sweet and adorable? This is practically impossible and when we are in front of a litter it is very habitual to feel momentarily the desire to welcome all the dogs that we have in the front, although obviously, in the majority of cases it is not possible.

Choosing the puppy that will become part of your family is not usually an easy process, so in the following article the Animal Expert shows you how to choose a puppy from a litter .

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Assess the physical and psychological health of the dog

Any dog ​​deserves all the love and all the necessary care from the family that decides to adopt it, just like those dogs that show signs of illness, however, if you choose a sick dog you must also accept the responsibility that this supposes to give you a excellent quality of life. So it is important to know what are the signs that indicate a dog is healthy:

  • It must be a dog that reacts quickly to stimuli, playful and shows no signs of pain when walking or moving.
  • It should be about the size of your siblings, not below or above the proper weight.
  • The gums should be pink, the teeth white, the eyes shiny and the hair must be in good condition, without regions with alopecia or that present lesions.
  • No deviation should be observed in the legs, ie they should be located in parallel.
  • The abdomen should not be swollen unless the dog has finished eating.

Obviously, before the adoption of the dog the ideal is that it is dewormed and that it has received its first obligatory vaccines , if it is so, it must confirm this information with the corresponding veterinary certificate that the owner must give him, or the refuge of animals or the place where you have decided to adopt your dog.

Apart from all that has been said previously, it is crucial that the dog has reached the optimum age to be separated from its mother. If you notice that the dog is too small, it may not be the right time to take it because this can lead to problems related to your physical and psychological development.

Remember that there are many people who raise dogs illegally or who do not have a hygienic and appropriate place for it. If you observe this kind of situation, do not hesitate to report this to the competent authorities.

Let the dog come to you.

We have a habit of saying that it is the human family that chooses the dog, but did you know that this choice could be the other way around and be the dog deciding who wants to be with you?

Obviously to let the dog choose must keep a certain distance from the litter, it can not completely depart from it, but being in the middle of it is also not productive, since it will be difficult to interpret which of the dogs wants to be with you.

Leaving some distance between you and the litter, simply watching the dogs sooner or later one of them will approach and begin to interact with you . When this happens there is usually a very magical connection between the dog and the person, but even though it is strange, it may also be possible that the dog that has chosen it is not what you really like, in which case you should change your strategy.

Take enough time with each dog

If the dog that you chose is not what you would choose it is the time to waste some time with each dog, observing and interacting with him, you should know that the dog you choose should be receptive to your stimuli , with the other, this is the priority.

By reserving a time for each dog you can very easily determine which dog is best for you, you will face the great challenge of fulfilling the responsibility inherent in adopting a dog, but you will have gained a lot, a companion with whom you will feel very well and that will never abandon you.

If you still do not know how to pick a puppy from a litter, talk to the person offering it to explain how each of them is on a day-to-day basis , which one is the smartest, if one is especially active or if one of them is stands out for being very affectionate. Draw your own conclusions and ask yourself if any of these features draw you in or you can adapt to your pace of life.

Once chosen, care should be given to puppies , as well as everything they will have to learn in the next months of life.

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