How to choose a good vet? 10 Tips!

The veterinary care is required in the life of your pet. Be it a feline, a dog, a parrot, a rabbit, an iguana … As soon as we insert into our family a new member, whatever it is, we must give him all the conditions he needs to live happily with our side. Periodic visits to the veterinarian are one of the key points in the health of any animal.

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Each species needs specific care that may include deworming, vaccinations, or only periodic visits such as preventive medicine to ensure that all is well. Many tutors seek the veterinarian only when the animal becomes ill. Do not make that mistake. Even before adopting an animal you should seek a veterinarian!

Almost all tutors ask us this question: How to choose a good veterinarian? YourCatCareguide will answer this question indicating 10 tips to find a good professional.

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Legalization of the clinic

This is undoubtedly the number 1 spot! Unfortunately, there are many ” fake vets ” and clinics that are not legalized. It is the role of justice to detect these cases of fraud but all tutors should be aware and aware that these cases exist and may be closer than you think.

Only a veterinarian has the training and practice necessary to perform medical acts with animals. Do not take your dog to be vaccinated by the Petshop worker or your neighbor who can get “cheaper vaccines”. The cheap is expensive and the health of your animal is priceless!

Recently, veterinarian veterinarian Jorge Cid warned that there are dozens of complaints about false veterinarians in Portugal, which threatens not only animal life but also public health in general. If you reside in Portugal, you should know that any certificate or vaccine passed by a veterinarian should have a sticker that is issued by the Order.

In Brazil there have also been several cases of falsified veterinarians reported. These are some of the reasons that made customers suspicious :

  • Vaccines applied without seal and date of application
  • Vignettes of vaccines printed directly from the computer
  • All medicines donated without a prescription
  • Advertising services on the internet
  • Prices too below average


The question of the location of the clinic or veterinary hospital is relative. Ideally, a clinic near your home is the most appropriate , to avoid the stress of traveling with the animal and the time it takes to get to the clinic in case of emergency. However, driving a few extra miles may be worth it to receive better quality services. You will always have to evaluate the pros and cons.

Many clinics have homework! If you have an animal with locomotion problems or that stresses a lot on trips, this can be an excellent option.

Visit the facilities

You can request directly at the clinic, before you go with your pet, to visit the facilities. Most clinics will be happy to show you the facility (of course you should not expect a guided tour throughout the hospital, especially if it’s a busy day and you have not checked before). They will certainly explain to you all the conditions that the clinic has . Take the time to ask what emergency services are available, how many veterinarians work at the clinic, what veterinarians’ specialties are, whether you have an x-ray at the clinic or whether you need to do it on others if necessary.

Why is it important to ask about conditions? The more equipment you have the better the clinic for your pet. It will be much more convenient to perform complementary exams in the clinic itself than to have to travel when there is really an emergency. However, most clinics when they do not have a particular service have agreements with other facilities. This is not a determining factor but it is important to be considered just like all the others we refer to.

This first approach, without your pet, allows you to also immediately become aware of the environment in the clinic . Do you feel well treated? Are they all friendly and happy in the workplace? These points are just as important as the qualifications and services of the clinic. If all goes well, you will follow long years in this place and it is fundamental that you feel well treated!


As we have just mentioned, sympathy and the way they treat you as a customer should be valued. Consider the personality of the veterinarian. It is very important that you enjoy the way your veterinarian is with you, both with you and with your pet. Only then will you have total confidence in him someday something happens to your little one and you need to leave him at the clinic.

More than a veterinarian who “knows everything”, you want a humble veterinarian ! All veterinarians, for more years of experience, have their limitations. A good veterinarian knows how to recognize his limitations and when a case requires more than his knowledge, he will be the first to suggest that you seek a specialist . That is, a good veterinarian is not necessarily the one who quickly diagnoses your animal’s complex heart problem, but rather recognizes that it is best to recommend a fellow cardiologist to follow a case that he alone is not being able to solve!


The veterinarian’s specialty is essential. More and more veterinary medicine is moving towards specialization, just like human medicine. Before thinking about specialization in terms of cardiology, neurology, etc., think of the animal in question.

If you have a reptile, it will not be the best choice to take him to a horse vet. Look for a veterinarian who specializes in your pet . Nowadays, there are exclusive exotic animal clinics, exclusive cat clinics, etc. Some clinics offer services for several different animals. You should ensure that your pet receives attention from an expert on that animal!

Veterinarians are always studying and updating themselves. Consult your clinic’s website for information about your veterinarian. You can still look for your veterinarian at CFMV and see his courses and credentials.

If your pet has a specific problem, as we gave the previous example, of cardiology, it will be beneficial to consult a specialist in this area. Of course the price of a specialist will probably be higher, but is there better investment than the health of your pet?

Emergency 24 hours

The service 24 hours service is important because you never know when your pet will need immediate care. If your clinic of choice does not have it, ask your veterinarian for a contact from another if you need it. Like other factors, you should not exclude a clinic if it does not have this service but it is essential that you be prepared and have a number always on hand for some time of distress!


Price should not be a determining factor in choosing a veterinarian. It is extremely complicated to compare prices for medical services because in practice they vary widely. A clinic may even offer cheaper prices on vaccination and be more expensive when urgency is needed, for example.

In addition, pay 30 reais for the service of a less competent professional than one who charges 60 is worth it? Your pet’s health is priceless! This does not mean that a veterinarian who covers less is worse than a professional who charges more. Each case is a case and for this reason what you should prioritize is quality ! Most veterinarians will always present a budget before proceeding with any treatment. Unfortunately, not all people have the economic conditions to fund some treatments and veterinarians deal with this reality daily.

Some issues that are important to the clinic in this regard are:

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Do you accept credit?

Other services

Other services available to the clinic can be a bonus! Currently many clinics already have professionals specialized in baths, hair cuts and nails. Some even have sister hotel service and trainers!

Some cat clinics, for example, already have the so-called “kitty classes” that promote the sociability of kittens !

Be a good customer!

If you wish to be well treated by your veterinarian, you must also be a good customer! Being a good customer does not just mean being a good tutor to your pet. You should promote and encourage a good relationship with your veterinarian . After all, it is in his hands that you will leave your best friend!

Listen carefully to all the advice and tips of your veterinarian. If he is saying something it is because it is important that you listen and apply it! Sometimes the veterinarian is saying a lot of information at the same time and you have a hard time keeping up … tell him so! A good vet will have no problem slowing down the information or even writing for you! Do not be ashamed to ask as many times as you need to be enlightened!

Do not expect the vet what you would not expect from a mechanic reviewing your car. That is, you would not tell your mechanic to take a peek at your car without paying, right? Yes, the vet also has bills to pay , also has a family and the equipment and drugs are not paid alone. If you have economic problems, speak openly with your veterinarian. Most veterinarians have more affordable options and forms of payment for people with less economic conditions.

Value your veterinarian’s work and his opinion. If your veterinarian has prescribed certain treatment, do not tell him that your neighbor’s home remedy should be better! Your veterinarian is doing everything he knows and doing his best to save his best friend.

Respect the clinic hours and use the emergency department only when it really is one. Being awakened at 5 am to vaccinate a dog is not an emergency. Veterinarians are also human and need to rest to be 100% to take good care of our best friends!

Most important of all – Trust!

Most important of all is trusting the veterinarian. This trust must be reciprocal and do not , under any circumstances , lie to your veterinarian. You must remember that it is the health of your pet that is at risk. He can not speak and you are his voice! All the details you tell can be helpful in getting a correct diagnosis and setting the treatment that will cure your pet.

If you’ve already found a veterinarian who totally trusts your best friend’s health, do not let go! If on the other hand, you are not satisfied with the service or just look for a second opinion, do not hesitate! As in human medicine, there is no problem in seeking a second and third opinion on the case of your animal!

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