How to choose a dog in the kennel

If you are planning to adopt a dog from a kennel we congratulate you, you are saving a life and your new friend will know how to thank you. However, it may be that you are undecided and you have many doubts about this topic. Will it suit your new life? Will I be able to give you everything you need to be happy? Choosing a dog in a kennel can be a tricky task; one has to think that it will be our companion for a few years, so we should reflect well on your choice.

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The first thing we should take into account is if we have enough time to dedicate to our new friend. A dog needs to go out at least twice a day, and one of those walks should be long enough for him to expend energy. Also, remember that during the years you share your time, changes in your way of life can arise and you can not leave it behind. On the other hand, it will give you lots of love, unconditional affection and the company that only a dog can give you.

If you are determined to welcome a new life partner, keep reading this article from Animal Expert in which we give you some advice on how to choose a dog in the kennel .

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What kind of dog to choose?

Before reaching the cani l we should plan if we are looking for a puppy dog ​​or an adult dog. If we have enough time and patience to train a baby, we can welcome a puppy, but we must know that up to three years of age they are more nervous and can cause more chaos because of their age. It is normal that until then try to bite hands and objects of all kinds, so regular supervision will be the most appropriate.

Older and older dogs tend to be calmer and, moreover, urgently need a family, since most people prefer to adopt dogs at a young age. Choose what to choose, if the educate well will love the experience, since the dogs are very grateful animals.

The next step that we must plan is the energy we want the dog to have. For this we need to evaluate our pace of life and our own personality. We should choose a dog whose energy level is similar to ours or a little lower, but never a more energetic than we, since we can not adapt to your needs and may have behavior problems for not releasing the energy accumulated.

Lastly, we must decide whether we want a large or small dog . If we live in a very small apartment it may be wise to choose a small dog that suits the apartment so as not to deprive the animal of the conditions it needs to live happily.

Adopt a dog if you already have one

If we have one dog and we want to welcome another, this should not be a problem. They can play with each other and if we castrate them when they are old enough we can avoid some problems.

If we have an adult dog and want to adopt another adult, ideally we should know each other first. You can take your dog to the kennel so he can meet your new friend, so we make sure they are compatible and we do not have the problem of being ill . The ideal is to adopt a dog that has a level of energy similar to the other dog, so that both can walk on the same level and neither of them will be nervous with the other.

If your dog is an adult and wants to adopt a puppy dog, you should also introduce them in advance so that the veteran of the house does not become jealous and get used to sharing his space with the new friend.

Adopt a dog already having a cat

When you get to the kennel, it is best to ask about a dog that has the characteristics that you are looking for and that is also compatible with cats . The workers and volunteers are the ones who know the animals that live there best and will be the ones who can best advise on how to choose a dog in the kennel to get along with the cats.

If your cat is an adult you should be more careful since you do not know exactly how you will react to the arrival of a dog. It is best to present them before you welcome your new friend and when you take them home, do not lose sight of them until you are sure they have no compatibility problems.

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