How to chase a street cat

Cats are animals that are found in great abundance in our streets mainly due to the fact that they have a short gestation, which makes them able to create an overpopulation in a very short time, but this is another topic. In this article we will give you some advice so you can chase the street cats from the vicinity of your house or garden.

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It may not even be a street cat, and some neighbors ‘cats may be free to move around the neighbors’ gardens. We all know what this means, and because of the extraordinary hygiene habits that cats have most of all, they try to make their needs far from where they have food, but it can happen that this “far” means “in your garden”, which will cause him to dig the earth and ruin all the plants he passes through.

So, at YourCatCareguide we give you some tips to get away from the street cats of your property.

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Steps to follow:

To begin with, the first thing to keep in mind is that cats, although well fed , often move around in search of food. That being the case, this will be your first point to address, that is, do not feed them in the places you want to prevent them from frequenting . Maybe you’re doing it unconsciously, leaving garbage out of the house so that the smell does not invade the interior of the house, but this may be the starting point to draw you close to you.

In this way, it is very possible that more than once their garbage bags appear ripped and their contents scattered everywhere, all in search of a piece of chicken or any waste they find “appetizing”. You know, do not leave possible leftover food outside.


As for the elements that can be used to chase the street cats, we start with the citrus fruit, which is a simple and economical solution, since it will take advantage of the peels of lemons or oranges to spread for possible places of access of the felines to their territory. You can also use it to rub on the walls, nooks, etc., in order to make the smell impregnated as long as possible.

This odor will not last indefinitely, it is a process that will have to be repeated every 3 or 4 days, however, it has been shown that the citrus scent is not to the liking of cats.


You can also opt for a more constructive solution, which would be planting certain plants that give off an odor that repels street cats . For example, lavender or thyme are visually appealing plants that give off a pleasant odor to humans but can irritate cats.

In addition, you can look for and plant a variety of shrub that is called Coleus Canina , but is commonly known as a “fearful plant.” This is also a very beautiful plant with blue flowers at its tip, but the cat avoids at all costs, on the other hand humans are not able to perceive its scent unless we touch it.


A more drastic and slightly more aggressive solution may be choosing to spread black pepper powder through strategic places in your garden . This will result in itching on the cat’s nose when it smells, which will result in a series of uncomfortable sneezing for him. Therefore, after several equal episodes, the feline will associate these places to an uncomfortable place and, therefore, will stop visiting it.

Coffee is also too strong a smell for your nasal passages, spread a few grains of coffee through the areas where you usually stand and you will get the adverse effect you want.


If we talk about architectural elements that can prevent cats from entering their spaces, we can refer to the installation of a ditch along the perimeter of your house. It will still be more effective if you give it a little inclination out to make it even harder for cats to pass.

The installation or use of automatic irrigation systems can also be useful, if these systems activate when the cats prowl the area can be able to frighten them, as long as they are those that do not support water. This will not hurt them, but you can associate your garden with a place where it is not very comfortable.


It may seem to you that not all the advice we give you is effective in chasing away all the street cats around your house, each cat is different and everyone has their own character and way of facing difficulties. What we can really assure you is that with the right combination of elements you can achieve, without hurting the cat, that access and stay in your territory will turn into an obstacle block for him, and therefore, will look for a place less hostile to their activities.


All of these advice are techniques you can use to chase them away, however, you always have the option of adopting a street cat and saving your life. You can be sure that (in a way) you will be grateful.

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