How to change the place cat litter box

Where to put the cat litter box is one of the first doubts that a new adopter of a cat questions. Finding the perfect spot for our feline’s bathroom should match the needs of the cat with the convenience of the tutor. In addition, you should be away from the pot of food and water. Once the balance between these factors has been found and the cats being routinely animals, any modification in their surroundings can generate many doubts. In this article from YourCatCareguide we will explain how to change the sandbox of the place cat . If you have cats, you’re sure to be interested!

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Cats and the changes

Cats are routinely animals , so all changes have to be made in a controlled way and above all only when truly necessary. That is, if your cat uses his litter without any problem in the place where you put it, there is no need to change the site. If for some strong reason you need to change the place of the litter box, the change can be easy if done properly. Cats usually accept the change if there are no other changes at the same time in the house. If your cat is not using the litter box to do the needs, this reason is more than enough to change the location of the box, as that may be the reason why he is not using it.

Where to Put the Cat’s Sandbox

If you need to change the sandbox of the place cat, the new site and the litter box must comply with some rules:

  • The box should be in a quiet and private place , away from areas of people passing and noise. In most homes, due to its architecture and layout, the bathroom is usually the place that provides the greatest tranquility that the cat requires.
  • The cat should feel comfortable and protected , not forgetting that elimination is a time of vulnerability. The cat should be able to have an easy “escape” if needed. Although there are no incoming enemies in his house, he may feel threatened by some noise or strange person in the house and his escape instincts remain active.
  • If there is more than one cat in your house, there should be as many sandboxes as cats +1to avoid problems between them.
  • Some cats prefer closed sandboxes, while others reject any litter that is not open. You should try out different litter boxes and find out which is the best litter box for your cat .
  • The litter box should be of adequate size so that the cat can walk around without having to leave the box.
  • The amount of sand should also be enough for the cat to bury the manure . For him this is extremely important.
  • Regarding the type of sand, there are numerous options on the market. You can experiment different until you find out the best litter for your cat.
  • The height of the litter box should be appropriate for the cat in question. A box of walls too tall is not suitable for a kitten or elderly cats with difficulty in moving. On the other hand, an adult cat if it has a box of walls too low, is likely to spread sand everywhere .
  • Above all, the most important thing is that the litter box is always clean !

Recommendations to change the sandbox of place

Once established where to place the cat litter box, it is time to make the change. When it comes to changing the cat litter box, you should:

  • Show where the box is so he can see where it is.
  • The ideal is to leave the sandbox in the old site and add a new one to the new location, so the change is not so sudden.
  • To encourage the cat to use the litter box, you can use something that attracts you like a little catnip .
  • You can also use natural pheromones such as feliway.
  • When the cat starts to use the litter box in the new place, you can remove the box from the old place.

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