How to Care for Neon Fish

The Melanotaenia boesamani , known as rainbow fish is a small fish living color coming from the sides of Indonesia and New Guinea but which is currently distributed throughout the world in captivity. The bright colors of this species, which blend blue, violet, yellow, red and white, have made this fish a favorite for home aquariums, where they stand out for the beauty and fast movements of swimming.

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If you are thinking of adopting one or several of these copies, you need to know everything that is related to the conditions in which you should host them. For this reason, YourCatCareguide wrote this article on how to care for neon fish , more specifically, rainbow fish.

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Feeding the fish Rainbow Neon

The rainbow is omnivorous and very greedy. Looking for food is not a problem for him. The most recommended is dry food made specifically for them . Furthermore. some experts argue for the use of small live prey such as larvae.

These fish do not feed on anything that has fallen on the bottom of the lake. For this reason, they will also not eat anything that falls to the bottom of the aquarium. You should moderate in quantity and adapt according to the amount of individuals that are in the aquarium. Do not worry, they are very fast and greedy , so if you offer them the right amount, they will feed themselves well.

The ideal aquarium

Despite his small size, the rainbow is a great swimmer , loves to travel great distances and is an excellent athlete. For this reason, with a number less than or equal to 5 of these fish, an aquarium of at least 200 liters is required . If possible buy an even bigger one. Must be at least 1 meter high. The more room for them to swim, the better.

Inside the aquarium, it is recommended to use a dark substrate and a wide variety of aquatic plants , located so as not to be an obstacle to the mobility of fish. One particularity of these fish is that when they are depressed or troubled they do not present the colors so alive.

In the same way, it is advisable to have a lot of light, good oxygenation and the installation of a filter that is capable of generating subtle currents that simulate the natural environment of this species.

The water of the aquarium

The characteristics of water are fundamental to ensure the quality of life of the fish. The average life expectancy of rainbow fish is 5 years.

For this reason, you should maintain a mild temperature of not less than 23 degrees Celsius nor more than 27 degrees Celsius. PH should be low and with moderate hardness. The hygiene of the aquarium is extremely important. For this reason, you should change the water frequently, especially if you observe food remains in the background.

Relation with other fish

Rainbow fish can live with other species, but it is necessary to select the species very well so as not to affect the conditions of the aquarium and ensure the tranquility of all fish.

For fish of the same species, it is recommended to acquire a school of 5/7 fish, which can keep each other company and swim together. In order to choose companions of other species, it is necessary to take into account the swiftness and nervous personality of the rainbow, as well as the passion for swimming and the swift behavior at the time of eating. In this sense, it is not advisable to put too calm or slow breeds in the aquarium because they may be disturbed by the behavior of this born swimmer.

The cichlids and barbels are the best options to share the aquarium with these fish. However, you should always be aware of the behavior of different species and ensure that there are no problems of coexistence. The rainbow, although somewhat hyperactive, is quite peaceful, which makes it easily adapt to other fish.

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