How to Care for My Labrador Retriever Dog

The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world due to its great intelligence and kind character with the family with whom it coexists.

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However, due to your physical condition and temperament, we must be responsible to provide you with the proper care for this noble breed. If you are wondering about “how to take care of my Labrador Dog”, you have arrived at the right article!

Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we explain the care with the Labrador dog that must have. Briefly, to care for the labrador puppy you must ensure all of the following steps:

  1. Provide basic health care: vaccination, deworming and regular visits to the veterinarian
  2. Supplement nutritional needs with good nutrition
  3. Promote physical exercise through outings and games
  4. Brush the Labrador Dog Regularly
  5. Promote the socialization of your dog with other animals, from puppy.
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Basic Care of the Labrador – Health

One basic care we should take with our Labrador when adopting it is the first consultation at the vet to be checked and all necessary vaccines administered . In this first consultation can also be placed the microchip in the dog, because in some places is already required by law.

It is recommended that you do at least two annual visits to the veterinarian so that the veterinarian can perform a correct follow up of the dog and to detect changes in weight and health related to the time.

Labrador Retriever Feeding

The Labrador should always eat moderately, as this breed tends to gain weight . Therefore, it is essential to get the dog to eat at certain times and, once the meal time has passed, to remove the food container. In this way, the dog will begin to realize that it should eat at that time.

The veterinarian is the one who should establish the rules for feeding your dog. In case your Labrador gets fatter, the more likely the vet will be to give you a low-calorie diet. The best food you can give your labrador is the ration, and never human food, as this can be harmful to him. To keep your dog at optimum weight, check out our article with tips to prevent obesity in dogs.

Exercise for Labrador

The Labrador needs to perform daily enough exercise, since he mentally needs an adequate level of activity to not get bored . It is one of the most important Labrador care to take into account.

You should teach your dog to chase and give him back the ball , this is a game that makes him enthusiastic and likes to practice it daily. If you follow food and exercise rules correctly, the Labrador may live in an apartment. But of course, a house with enough space to run, is always the ideal. The Labrador is a dog that loves to exercise with us on the bike, because this exercise forces you to make a gentle trot.

How to socialize a Labrador

Since the puppy the Labrador needs a correct socialization to learn how to properly relate to pets and dogs. If the Labrador is socialized correctly, he will become an excellent pet with the children , collaborating relentlessly and patiently in their play.

He is not a proper breed as a guard dog, although he has a moderate guard instinct that at a certain moment will lead him to defend us from any aggression.

The Labrador is a Retriever dog , so you should teach him how to bring things, an activity he likes a lot. You can start by bringing the ball thrown by us, to later teach you to bring your sneakers, newspaper or other utensils that you can carry without risk.

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Communicate with a Labrador

The Labrador is an easy dog ​​to educate due to its good disposition, nevertheless it has a delicate point that must always take into account: it does not support neither the shouts nor the mistreatment.

We should be a guide to the dog and accustom him to accept and fulfill all our orders, but with much patience. If you lose control and fall into the great blunder of yelling at him , the Labrador is more likely to lose confidence in you and not obey you, becoming rebellious and resuming the destructive habits of your childhood.

Another characteristic of the Labrador is that it is quite destructive during its pup stage and “adolescence”, a juvenile period that extends more than in other races. Tennis, children’s toys and other objects scattered around the house must be safeguarded from the Labrador’s investigative habit, whose investigation is usually reduced to complete destruction. These destructions often result in the ingestion of some piece of what has been destroyed. After this the tummy ache is frequent.

How to Care for the Labrador Retriever

The labrador puppy has an easy coat to take care of. Brushing two or three times a weekkeeps the good condition of your dog’s hair. Only 5 minutes of brushing are beneficial for not only the dog’s hair, but also for the mental health of your dog , since the farmers are very emotional dogs and they need a lot of attention from the tutors.

Bathing should be done monthly or when the dog is really dirty. Unlike other breeds, the labrador has a very resistant coat and is not as sensitive to contact with water as it is with other breeds.

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